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Jalons Try-Loc pour prisme Arpentage

Jalons Try-Loc pour prisme

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No slipping, no pinching, no need for a “third hand”! CST’s patented (US #5,595,410) Tru-Lock™ Prism Poles have been designed to provide nonslip positive clamping as well as quick release features. The end user will not have to fear pinched fingers or the cumbersome and awkward features of other “nonslip” poles. This combination of positive locking and quick release features is unparalleled by any competitive product.

The Tru-Lock™ locking mechanism is manufactured from impact-resistant Delrin™ and is self-contained; there are no exposed parts to break off or springs to lose. This mechanism also features a one year warranty. Our unique printing process produces accurate graduations that are wear and weather-resistant, and are covered by a lifetime warranty. Recessed circular bubble vial for vertical alignment is standard on all CST prism poles.

Features 10ths and metric (every 2mm) graduations and precise adjustable 5z«8" X 11 mounting stud to suit all commonly used prisms.
Outer pole diam.

Cat No Description Outer Pole Diameter
67-4408TMA 8'/2.5m, 2 Section Tru-Lock™ Pole 11z'4" (32mm)
67-4409TMA Lightweight Version of 67-4408TMA 1" (25mm)
67-4412TMA 12'/3.6m, 3 Section Tru-Lock™ Pole 11z'4" (32mm)
67-4415TMA 15'/4.6m, 4 Section Tru-Lock™ Pole 11z'2" (38mm)


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