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Illuminateur à fibre optique

Illuminateur à fibre optique

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Ultra compact for operating in areas where space is at a premium, the FO-50 is available with either a front panel mounted mechanical diaphragm or solid state dimmer. The diaphragm adjusts the light path while maintaining 3450°K light temperature. The solid state dimmer is ideal for precision voltage adjustments and maximizes lamp life.

  • For laboratories, research areas, CCD, QC inspection stations.
  • For microscopes, borescopes, endoscopes.


  • No vibration
  • No noise
  • Extremely compact
  • Very light weight
  • Fully vented



  • Single
  • Bifurcated
  • Ring lights



  • Faceplate mounted rotary dimmer switch or diaphragm
  • Electrical phase control allows for subdued lighting and increased lamp life
  • UL listed
  • Full 1 year warranty
  • Rugged aluminum case




  • Adapters for most existing fibers from a variety of manufacturers
  • Available in 220V
  • Custom design capability for special OEM needs



Lamp type ENZ
Input voltage 115 VAC
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output lamp voltage 30V
Lamp color temperature 3450°K
Output lamp wattage 50W
Fuse 1 Amp
Size 7 1/2"(L) x 4"(W) x 5 1/2"(H)
Weight 4 lbs.
Warranty Standard one year warranty



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