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Pipettes digitales

Pipettes digitales

Modèle :mLINE

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Recommended by health & safty officers

"The qualities that really convinced me to switch to Biohit mLINE are its light weight, the lowest pipetting and tip ejection forces, easy to read display, locking mechanism to prevent accidental volume changes and finally, its compatibility to tips currently used at our company."

Richard P. Roque
Preclinical Development, a Seattle based biotechnology company, USA


Enjoy your work!

Did you know that pipetting over 300 h/year (1.5 h/day) exposes to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)? To fight this problem, Biohit mLINE pipette comes with a patented spring mechanism resulting in the lowest pipetting force on the market. This, together with light tip ejection force and ergonomic design of the handle, reduces the risk of RSI. Enjoy your work. With mLINE you can.

Pipetting and tip ejection force comparison of mLINE and other mechanical pipettes. The mLINE provides significantly lighter pipetting and tip ejection forces than any other mechanical pipette, making the total force for one pipetting cycle (pipetting to tip ejection) the lightest on the market.


Consistent results time after time

It is extremely difficult to get consistent results after several hours of pipetting with conventional mechanical pipettes due to heavy pipetting force. The light – and patented – spring mechanism of mLINE, however, allows high accuracy and consistent results even in long pipetting series, as hand doesn’t get tired..

Performance test of Biohit mLINE (blue line) and a conventional pipette (orange line). Pipettes were tested over a 5-hour period with sets of 5 repeat weighings of 500 microlitres 180 times by the same trained operator. As shown, it is very hard to meet the specifications (red line, ISO 8655-2) with a force demanding pipette after prolonged pipetting hours, whereas the light action of mLINE allows the same reproducibility over the whole period.


Unique spring mechanism for lighter pipetting

Benefits of the tension spring mechanism used in Biohit mLINE pipettes

  • Light pipetting forces
  • Starting force is always constant regardless of the volume
  • Almost 4-fold difference in comparison to conventional technologies


Effortless accuracy and precision
1. Set any volume without hassle mLINE makes volume adjustment light and easy, and helps you avoid possible strain and wrist ache.
  • Stepless and light volume adjustment
    • just release volume lock and adjust volume using your fingertips only.
  • Patented locking mechanism – no accidental volume changes during pipetting.
  • Big and easy-to-read numbers on display.
2. Forget high force and leaking tips All mLINE pipettes are equipped with unique spring loaded tip cones – the Optiload mechanism that
  • Allows tips to be loaded with constant force.
  • Enables even and safe tip sealing to the tip cone(s) with minimum force.
  • Makes tip ejection light and easy.
  • Optiload is an advantage in multichannel models, in particular, where even tip sealing is essential.
3. Protect your pipette and sample You can prevent contamination of your pipette and sample by using replaceable Safe-Cone Filters. These unique filters
  • Act as a final barrier to prevent fluids and liquid vapours from reaching the internal components of the pipette.
  • Can be easily and safely removed by pressing the plunger button.
  • Are available for all models > 10 μl.
  • Safe-Cone Filters must be changed regularly and always in case of over-aspiration
4. Maintenance couldn’t be easier
To keep your mLINE pipette in good operating condition, clean and calibrate it regularly.
  • No opening tools are needed.
  • Only 3–4 parts must be cleaned.
  • Autoclavable grease is included with each pipette.
  • mLINE can be easily calibrated using the elegant calibration tool. The tool also acts as a PCR tube cap opener.
  • Biohit offers complete maintenance, repair and calibration services for your pipette.


mLINE single and multichannel performance specifications and ordering details
Cat.No. Channel Volume Range Increment Test Volume Inaccuracy Imprecision Tip Cone Filter Pipettor Tips
              STD PLUS  
725010 1 0,1 -3µl 0,02µl 3µl 1.30% 0.80% N/A N/A 10
1.5µl 2.40% 1.60%
0.3µl 10.00% 6.00%
725020 1 0,5 -10µl 0,01µl 10µl 1.00% 0.60% N/A N/A 10
5µl 1.50% 1.00%
1µl 2.50% 1.50%
0.5µl 5.00% 4.00%
725030 1 2-20µl 0.02µl 20µl 0.90% 0.40%   N/A 300
10µl 1.20% 1.00%
2µl 3.00% 2.00%
725050 1 10-100µl 0.1µl 100µl 0.80% 0.15% 721008 721018 300, 350
50µl 1.00% 0.40%
10µl 2.00% 1.00%
725060 1 20-200µl 0.2µl 200µl 0.60% 0.15% 721007 721017 300, 350
100µl 0.80% 0.30%
20µl 2.00% 0.80%
725070 1 100-1000µl 1µl 1000µl 0.60% 0.20% 721006 721016 1000
500µl 0.70% 0.25%
100µl 1.50% 0.70%
725080 1 500-5000µl 10µl 5000µl 0.50% 0.15% 721005 721015 5000
2500µl 0.60% 0.30%
500µl 0.70% 0.30%


Biohit tips
Volume Range
0.1-10 μl Single Tray 10 x 96 Tips 790010
Refill Towers 10 x 96 Tip 790012
0.5-300 μl Single Tray 10 x 96 Tips 790300
Refill Towers 10 x 96 Tip 790302
5-350 μl Single Tray 10 x 96 Tips 790350
Refill Towers 10 x 96 Tip 790352
10-1000 μl Single Tray 10 x 96 Tips 791000
Refill Towers 10 x 96 Tip 791002
50-1200 μl Single Tray 10 x 96 Tips 791200
Refill Towers 10 x 96 Tip 791202
100-5000 μl Single Tray 50 Tips 780304


Cat.No Item
725651 mLINE Starter Kit 1 0.5-10 μl, 10-100 μl, and 100-1000 μl 1-ch. pipettes, 3x Single Tray Tips, accessories, literature and bag
725652 mLINE Starter Kit 2 2-20 μl, 20-200 μl, and 100-1000 μl 1-ch. pipettes, 3x Single Tray Tips, accessories, literature and bag


Stands & accessories
Cat.No Item
725600 mLINE Carousel Stand for 6 pipettes
725610 mLINE Pipette Holder for one pipette
725620 Linear Stand for all Biohit pipettes
726203 Calibration tool/Tube opener



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