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Réfractomètre numérique  Palette a (Alpha)

Réfractomètre numérique Palette a (Alpha)

Fabricant :Atago
Modèle :Palette a (Alpha)

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  • Accuracy improved to ±0.1%. The conventional measurement accuracy, ±0.2%, is increased to ±0.1%. The highest accuracy available in a compact model.
  • External Light Interference (E.L.I.) Conventionally, digital optical instruments have the potential to display incorrect measurement values if sampling is performed near a window or outdoors where lighting may be too intense. The new E.L.I. technology provides security under these conditions to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Convenient temperature display. A temperature display function has been added. The temperature is displayed by simply pressing a switch.
  • User scale feature. The user scale function has been added. Concentrations of valious samples can be displayed by setting up a corfficient. Three separate user scales can be entered
  • Two-year warranty. The warranty term was one year, but it extended to two yer for Palette alpha under some conditions.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) function. With ATC, there is no need to worry about the measurement temperature
  • Large, easy to read display. The large-sized liquid crystal panel makes it easy to read the measured result.


Four models of palette a (ALPHA) are available for your different measurement samples


Measurement Range
Brix 0-32.0%
Brix 0-45%
Brix 0-60.0%
Brix 45,0-90%
Minimum Indication
Brix 0.1%
Measurement Accuracy
Brix ±0.1% (5-40°C)
Brix ±0.1% (10-40°C)
Brix ±0.1% (10-30°C)
Measurement Temp.
5-40°C ATC
5-40°C ATC
Ambient Temp.
Sample Volume
0.1ml or more
Measurement Time
3 seconds (approx)
Power Supply
006P dry battery (9V)
International Protection Class
Dimensions (WxDxH)
17 x 9 x 4 cm


Cat. No. Description
AT3405-000 Digital Refractometer Model PR-32a
AT3442-000 Digital Refractometer Model PR-101a
AT3452-000 Digital Refractometer Model PR-201a
AT3462-000 Digital Refractometer Model PR-301a



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