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Testeur de Sabilité d'oxidation

Testeur de Sabilité d'oxidation


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Chemical reactions occurring between atmospheric oxygen and sensitive components of raw materials or finished products are some of the most important causes of product degradation. Fat oxidation is recognised as one of the main factors affecting sample shelf-life, even for low fat products, causing product rancidity by the formation of offflavours due to aliphatic aldehydes or other volatile compounds. Therefore, the oxidation stability is one of the most important characteristics to be evaluated during product development and control.

OXITEST Oxidation Test Reactor

The OXITEST is the perfect response for accelerated oxidation stability tests, both on raw materials and finished products, without the need for any preliminary fat separation. It can test the oxidation stability on various sample types, being the optimal solution especially designed for R&D, Product Development and Quality Control labs in food, cosmetic and petrochemical industries.

The OXITEST speeds up the oxidation process because of the two accelerating factors, temperature and oxygen pressure, usually set at 90 °C and 6 bars, according to the most common applications. The instrument measures the absolute pressure change inside the two chambers, monitoring the oxygen uptake by reactive components in the sample and automatically generates an IP value.

Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for oxidation stability in foods, oils and fats
  • Analysis on the whole sample, without preliminary fat separation
  • Accelerated test, obtained in a relatively short period of time
  • PC-controlled, programmable for unattended operation
  • User friendly interface
  • Oxidation stability without the need of expensive and environmental hazardous reagents
  • Linear correlation between OXITEST and peroxide tests
  • Based on ASTM D942 method

In order to obtain a visible oxidation flex, the sample tested should contain at least 4-5% of fat. When product degradation is mainly due to the loss of the aromatic components and the oxidation flex is not visible, information on the product oxidation can be achieved by combining OXITEST with the gas-chromatographic technique.

Up to 4 OXITEST units can be connected to the same PC, remaining completely independent of each other to increase the productivity and flexibility.


What is an IP?
The test allows the sample oxidation curve to be obtained, characterized by an Induction Period (IP).

The Induction Period is the time required to reach the starting point of oxidation, corresponding to either a level of detectable rancidity or a sudden change in the rate of oxidation.

The longer the Induction Period, the higher the stability against oxidation over time.

The operator can create test reports for a single test or compare different analyses for a better interpretation of the data.

OXISoft™ is available in different languages and comes with a pre-installed library of methods related to a wide range of sample types.
The operator can use and modify them, or create his own methods. Many parameters can be investigated, including:

  • REPEATABILITY TEST: a series of tests run on the same sample or standard to verify its IP period, to calculate accuracy and repeatability of the data.
  • PACKAGING COMPARISON: particularly useful for testing which packaging maintains the product in the freshest condition.
  • IP DURING AGEING: same samples are tested at different times to fix the linear equation and the decreasing of the Induction period with the going by of the time.
  • FRESHNESS TEST: to verify the quality of different lots, for example of the same raw material, and compare them. This is a valuable information if we think that the product freshness is related to the cost of raw materials.
  • FORMULAS COMPARISON: what is required to identify the most stable formula of a finished product, under the same conditions.

By comparing the results, OXISoft™ will be able to automatically distinguish the best formula, easily recognizable by the higher IP, for R&D applications on food products.

  • ESTIMATED SHELF LIFE TEST: it is possible to have a prediction of oxidation stability during the shelf life. By following a dedicated procedure and testing the same product at different temperatures, in the case of a linear equation, the operator can extrapolate and estimate the oxidation stability of the sample even at room temperature.
...before the analysis

The samples are weighed in titanium sample holders and placed into the two independent titanium chambers, where temperature and oxygen pressure are automatically adjusted to by the software according to the entered data.
...during the analysis

In the main window the user can continuously check the instrument status, pressure and the temperature on the right side of the page.

Up to 4 OXITEST can be managed by the same software at the same time, for the maximum productivity. The real time graph constantly shows the progress of the analysis.
...after the analysis

Once the analysis is completed, the operator will find all the test information in the main window, with graph, info about the method and results. All analysis data are stored into databases and can be exported in .xls, .txt and .csv format to PC or LIMS.

The operator can also create test reports for a single test or report a comparison between multiple analyses for a better interpretation of the data.

All the results and reports can be output to a printer or saved for GLP compliance.
Results can be output to a printer.


Fields of Application and Samples
OXITEST works directly on the whole sample without the need for preliminary fat separation, ensuring representative results on solid, semi-solid and liquid samples, raw and finished products:

  • Food and Feed - fresh and processed meat, nuts, chips, dessert, dried fruit, feed products, pasta sauce, mayonnaise, dressings and edible oils.
  • Petrochemicals - biofuels and biodiesel.
  • Cosmetics - creams, lotions, balm and oils.
Food, feed and beverage industry Environmental industry Pharmaceutical and chemical industry


Number of oxidation chambers 2
Capacity single chamber up to 100 ml
Interface USB
Power 900 W
Power supply 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight 16.5 Kg (36.3 lb)
Dimension (W x H x D) 365 x 190 x 485 mm (14.6 x 7.6 x 19.4 in)
Temperature range from room temp. to 110°C
Pressure range 0 - 8 bar
Overpressure safety valve
Out-range temperature visual alarm
Damaged probe visual alarm


Product Code
OXITEST 230 V / 50- 60 Hz F30900248



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