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Agitateur multifonction Biotechnologie

Agitateur multifonction

Modèle :PTR-30 et PTR-60

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  • Thorough mixing in tubes
  • Very simple set up of a multi-segment program
  • Multi-function: rotation, reciprocation, vortexing
  • Alternative platforms for larger tubes
  • Continuous or timed operation for each phase
  • 360° vertical rotation
  • Reciprocal rotation, turning angle from 15° to 90°
  • Vibration, settable in a burst of 1 to 5 seconds
  • 5 second pause
  • All actions may be set for continuous or timed operation, and individual phases may be linked together for absolute flexibility:
  1. 360° vertical rotation
  2. 360° and reciprocal
  3. 360° and reciprocal and vibration
  4. 360° and reciprocal and pause
  5. Reciprocal
  6. Reciprocal and pause
  7. Vibration and reciprocal

Designed to meet the challenge of workspace restrictions, the Grant-bio vertical rotators are compact, with a low profile and small footprint, fitting neatly into the smallest workspace. They are also extremely quiet. Small but highly functional, the stepper motor produces regulated and reproducible rotation throughout the speed range and, combined with the sturdy construction, will guarantee years of consistent operation. The vertical rotators are quiet and extremely easy to operate, with very simple set-up of a multi-segment program, using the two line set-up and status display.

Capacity, microtubes (standard)
General Timer
1 min to 24 hrs
1 min to 24hrs
Reciprocal Rotation
15 to 90°
15 to 90°
Max. Load
1 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)
12 x 5 x 7 in.
16.5 x 9 x 9 in.
310 x 125 x 175 mm
420 x 230 x 230 mm
Input Voltage
Input Type
Standard Platform
22 x 2.0 ml dia tubes
48 x 2.0 ml dia tubes


Cat. No. Description
BOPTR-3000 Multi-function Rotator Model PTR-30, 22 microtubes capacity
BOPTR-6000 Multi-function Rotator Model PTR-60, 48 microtubes capacity
Accessory Platforms
BOPPRS4-12 (Model PTR-30) 4 x 50 ml dia. tubes and 12 x 2.0 ml dia. tubes
BOPRS8-260 (Model PTR-60) 8 x 50 ml dia tubes and 24 x 15 ml dia. tubes
BOPRS-1400 (Model PTR-60) 14 x 50 ml dia. tubes
BOPRS8-220 (Model PTR-60) 8 x 50ml dia. tubes and 22 x 2 ml dia. tubes



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