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Laveur de microplaques

Laveur de microplaques

Modèle :BW 50

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  • Washes single strips or full plates
  • Syringe drive fluid delivery system for precise operation
  • 75 custom protocols
  • Autoprime feature
  • Bottom washing and crosswise aspiration
  • Suitable for IA, DNA probe and cellular assays



As a self-contained and programmable instrument, the BW 50 Microplate Strip Washer encompasses all applications. It allows for full control and precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of a pressure delivery system.

The BW 50 Microplate Strip Washer is the perfect companion for Biohit’s BP-series readers. The on-board software of the BW 50 was designed to be programmed in the same format as the BP 800/808 Microplate Readers. This commonality allows the laboratory technician to easily develop both washing and data reduction protocols for those analytes of interest. The operation of both products becomes easy and intuitive.

The BW 50 is delivered with preloaded protocols for Biohit ELISA assays for immediate patient testing.



A micro-controlled syringe drive positive displacement pump for fluid delivery and variable control of aspiration rates expands applications beyond the typical microplate washer. The BW 50 washes all assays including:
  • Fluorescence
  • Chemiluminescence
  • RIA
  • DNA probes
  • Cellular assays: protect cell layers by gently dispensing buffer and slowly aspirating. With the precise placement of the aspiration tube depth, cell layer disruption is minimized.
The precise micro-stepping syringe pump allows the BW 50 to be used as a rapid microplate dispenser.



Whether you are simply automating basic washing protocols for routine clinical use or requiring ultra low backgrounds and specialty washing for today’s research applications, the BW 50 will deliver the results you require. With the combination of new component technology and the intuitive user interface, assay protocols are easily programmed to perform the following functions:
  • Wash
  • Prime
  • Dispense
  • Aspirate
  • Rinse
  • Maintenance routines
Each program contains, among other parameters:
  • Program name: user defined
  • 75 protocols
  • Wash cycles: 1 - 10
  • Manifold type: 8-, 12-, or 16-channel
  • Shaking time and intensity
  • Soak time: 1-600 seconds
  • Flow rate by volume, well, or second



Lower background absorbance and reduced residual volumes are achieved with bottom washing and crosswise aspiration routines.
  • Bottom washing: vigorous fluid dispensing at the well surface with high volumes of wash buffer for rapid dilution of reagent
  • Crosswise aspiration: removes residual fluid by aspirating in two programmable well positions
  • Programmable aspiration rates: reduce carryover and provide the ultimate in washing efficiency



Simply select the program and enter the number of strips. The BW 50 will do the rest.



  • Optional on all models
  • Switches to the appropriate buffer/rinse solution
  • Rinses fluidic system



The modular design allows for easy maintenance. The press of a button initiates the following preprogrammed protocols.
  • Rinses the fluidic system automatically
  • Flushes the manifold
  • Soaks manifold in wetted condition
  • Primes system automatically



The BW 50 was built with safety in mind.
  • Aerosol cover included
  • Decontamination routine built in
  • Electronics isolated from fluidics
  • Protocols can be protected from alteration


IQ/OQ/PQ procedure manuals and calibration plates are available as accessories for instrument validation. The accessory software package are CFR21 Part II compliant as per FDA requirements.

Plate type All 96-well plates and strips
Dispense precision <3% CV typical
Residual volume <4 µl well depending on plate type and aspiration protocol
Flow rate 150 - 1000 µl/well/second
Fluid delivery Positive displacement syringe pump
Buffer selection Valve module option - up to 3 buffers
Wash cycles 1 to 10
Dispense volume 50 to 3000 µl per well
Soaktime 1 to 600 seconds
Shaking User-programmable speeds and timing
Display 2 x 24 character LCD
Keypad Membrane keypad with 25 keys
I/O RS232 port for PC interface
Dimensions 35 x 40 x 16 cm (14 x 16 x 6.5 in)
Weight 8.9 kg (20 lbs)
Power 100–250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • CE Mark
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92
  • EN 61010-1
  • ETL electrical safety testing label
  • For in-vitro diagnostic use.


BI740050-0 BW 50/8 Microplate Strip Washer
BI740051-0 BW 50/16 Microplate Strip Washer, 16-channel manifold for 384-well microplates



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