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Sonicateur numérique Sonifier

Sonicateur numérique Sonifier

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Branson Sonifier digital products take advantage of the benefits enabled by newer diital technology. This is particularly useful where precise process control and parameter measurement is required. Like analog units, they operate at a fundamental frequency of 20 kHz, include automatic aplitude control, broad band tuning and include enhanced features.


  • Multiple mode opertion; continuous, pulsed, timed, temperature end-point
  • Setup menus in five languages
  • Digital parameter settings with automatic range validity auditing
  • Automatic end-of-cycle shutoff using limit parameters
  • Self diagnostics on startup
  • Twenty user-programmed presets for convenience

All units have digital controls including a membrane switch for easy data entry, 10 hour timer, digital wattmeter, 80 character LCD display monitor parameters and much more. The parallel printer interface and RS-232C serial computer interface add even more utility. All units are supplied as an operational package including power supply, converter, and standard horn.

Output Power 200W 400W
Dimensions 7-3/8 x 16-3/4 x 8-3/4 in. 7-3/8 x 16-3/4 x 8-3/4 in.
Weight 20lbs 22lbs


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