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Système universel pour protéines

Système universel pour protéines

Modèle :

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  • Vented lid disapates heat mproving resolution of fast runs and enhaced cooling feature.
  • Easy-Snap Capturing System (patented pending) for placement of gels fast and easy.
  • Large buffer volume which surrounds and cools gel.


The IBI universal system
This mini format system is designed to complete analysis in 2 to 3 times faster then conventional gels and is ideal for running the Tris or LongLife Gradipore™ precast gels. The Small-Format can run one or to gels in less than 30 minutes. The system can fit either 8 x 10 cm Precast Gradipore™ gels or 10 x 10 cm precast gels. The Easy-Snap (patent pending) Capturing System makes the placement of the gels fast and easy. The sysem incorporated the patented IBI Low-Fog Submarine devices vented lid that reduces heat build-up pduring electrophoresis and a large buffer volume which surrounds and cools the gel, keeping the system running ool. The gravity feed electrode connector eliminates sample disturbance during set up and increases user safety by interrupting power when removed. The system is made up of durable ABS & 1/4 in. heavy duty acrylic construction increasing the life of the unit.


Complete unit includes
  • Main unit assembly
  • Inner and outer buffer reservoirs
  • Safety lid
  • One set of power cords
  • Instruction manual


Overall Height >18 cm
Unit Footprint 17 x 17 cm
Gel Size 8 x 10 cm Precast
10 x 10 cm Precast
56.5 x 19 cm
Buffer Tank Capacity 8 x 10: 125ml (inner); 500ml (outer)
10 x 10: 150ml (inner); 350ml (outer)
Weight 2.2 kg
Voltage Limit 6000 DC


Cat. No. Description
SHIB90000- IBI UPS 8 x 10 universal protein system
SHIB91000- IBI UPS 10 x 10 universal protein system


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