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Caméra de microscope 5 MP

Caméra de microscope 5 MP

Modèle :Moticam 580

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At Motic, we strive to ensure that everything that you may need to attach the Moticam to your Microscope is included in one box. Supported by our own In-House team of Software and Mechanical Engineers, each Moticam has the necessary equipment to help you turn your images into knowledge.

THE [AllinOneBOX] Concept
An attachable camera containing a sensitive professional imaging chip housed inside a C-Mount case including a removable IR cut-off filter.

A focusable coated glass lens matched to the size of the imaging chip.

Two adjustable size Eyepiece Adapters that allow you to attach the camera onto almost any microscope without having to remove the Eyepiece.

A 4-dot calibration slide with micrometer cross-hairs that ensure accurate calibration
for accurate measurements.

The Macro Viewing Tube together with the focusable lens is great for using the camera without a microscope.

All cables and power supplies as needed are of course inside the box.

A full version of Motic Images Plus application software provides all tools you need to quantify, measure, annotate, teach, learn and much more. This software comes with unlimited updates and does not require any license fees


Description Moticam 580
As an affordable multi-tasking microscopy camera, the Moticam 580 is in a class of its own. This camera does not require a computer for standard operation once it has been setup on a microscope. Images can be captured directly onto an SD card at 5.0MP resolution. Connecting it with a USB cable to a computer allows this camera to be used like any other Moticam with the supplied software. The 580’s true versatility is underlined by its capability to display live images at 1080p resolution through the HDMI output port.

Whether used in an Educational, Industrial or Clinical area, the Moticam 580 is the Jack of all Trades in our new Moticam lineup.


  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution: 5.0MP
  • Optical Calculation: 1/2.5”
  • Focusable Lens: 12mm
  • Output Possibilities: HDMI (1080p), SD Card (5.0MP), USB (800x600), Analog Video
  • Software Included: Motic Images Plus for PC and Mac
  • With remote control


Motic Images Plus
Motic Images Plus for PC is a software suite that has evolved through more than a decade of close cooperation with end-users and professionals around the world. At Motic, we believe that actions speak louder than words, and this is why a full version of Motic Images Plus is included in every Moticam box. Once installed, you will not be asked to pay license fees or upgrade fees, simply register your Moticam online and get access to free updates when they become available.

Motic Images Plus consists of two main components, the Image Capture Interface (MI Devices) and the actual captured image application program.

The Image Capture Interface is a separate program through which the live image can not only be perfected with the multitude of adjustment features, but it can also be used as a teaching device thanks to its calibrated scale bars, grid and cross bars.

Capturing the perfect image is vital for all applications. For this reason, the MI Devices interface is also available whether the Moticam is used as a Direct Show or a TWAIN device. Whether you are using the Moticam in its easy-to-use Automatic mode or you are controlling each aspect of your image stream, this interface will satisfy all users.

Once the image has been captured it is automatically transferred to the Images Plus application program where Measurement, Annotation and Reporting Tools can be used to turn images into knowledge. With the proliferation of touch-screen monitors and interactive whiteboards, we have also optimized our interface to make it easier to use these technologies with our Moticams. 


At Motic, we do our best to ensure that our Moticams are compatible with the latest in technology available. Currently all our cameras are compatible with Windows XP and higher. Most cameras are also compatible with Apple’s OSX including Lion. If you are a Linux user, please ask us for our free Linux compatible software and drivers.

With our Direct Show and Twain compatibility, the Moticams can also be integrated into third-party application programs. The tools and services of our MI Devices interface are still accessible through Direct Show and Twain. In response to growing demand, Moticams are now able to be fully integrated into Media Cybernetics’ Image Pro Plus 7. Please download the relevant plugin from the Media Cybernetics or Motic support pages.

For those who are interested in a little more advanced Digital Microscopy, our Moticams are also fully compatible with:


Our comprehensive multi-user observation and supervision platform. Connect up to 100 digital microscopy stations together and supervise and control them from a single teacher’s platform; hand out and collect homework and let an individual student take control of the class. MoticNet puts the Teacher back in control.


Forensic imaging does not have to be expensive. Simply connect up to four Moticams to a single computer and control simultaneous feeds from each camera. You can attach the cameras to your stereo or your compound microscopes and in a matter of seconds, you have created a digital forensic comparison scope. Digitally resize, overlap and rotate your feeds. This is a great tool not only for teaching forensics but also for the first-level evidence processing centers.


Connect your moticam
Onto the eyepiece
With each Moticam we supply two eyepiece couplers (30mm and 38mm in diameter). Simply connect the focusable macro lens to the camera and select the correct eyepiece coupler for your microscope. Put the complete combination onto the eyepiece, and you have turned your conventional microscope into a digital microscope.

This solution is also applicable for non-Motic microscopes. In case of any doubts please contact your local Motic distributor.
Into the eyetube
The special Eyetube adapter (B&S) is optional.

Simply screw the Eyetube adapter on the Moticam. Remove an eyepiece from the microscope and replace it with the Moticam-Eyetube adapter combination. You have turned your conventional microscope into a digital microscope.

This solution is also applicable for non-Motic microscopes. In case of any doubts please contact Motic.
Onto the trinocular tube
For all Motic trinocular microscopes we have several c-mount adapters available. The c-mount adapter needs to be chosen according to the chip size of the camera. Each Moticam (excluding the gooseneck cameras) comes standard with a CS/C-mount connection; the c-ring is included in the package.

Just fix the c-mount adapter on the trinocular port and connect the Moticam to the c-mount adapter. This combination will give you the freedom to continue observing with both eyes, while having the Moticam connected.

Our Moticam cameras can also be used on non-Motic microscopes, via the universal c-mount connection. Just remember that you will need the c-mount adapter from the manufacturer of your microscope.


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