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Lancettes SurgiLance®

Lancettes SurgiLance®

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SurgiLance® safety lancets from MediPurpose® are among the world's most popular single-use lancing devices, known for their safety, comfort and ease of use.

  • Single-use lancing device
  • Safety needle is not exposed before or after use


Diverse selection of safety lancet needle and blade sizes help minimize pain


Ease of Use
  • One-step procedure
  • No arming required
  • Activated by pressure on finger


SurgiLance® safety lancets from MediPurpose® are single-use needlestick safety medical devices with innovative design features that help prevent needlestick injuries.

Although the SurgiLance® safety lancet is known for its comfort and ease of use, perhaps most importantly, its also renowned for its innovative design features that make it an ideal choice for performing fingersticks where fingerstick safety and fingerstick injury prevention are paramount.

  • Single-use: No arming is required, and single-use lancing device cannot be used again after activation
  • Color-coding: Each of the seven SurgiLance® safety lancet models are color-coded for easy recognition
  • Retractable lancing needles and blades: Each are retracted and concealed, before and after use
  • Efficient: High-speed delivery and penetration method minimizes patient pain and clinician error
  • Latex-free: Hypo-allergenic


SurgiLance® safety lancets from MediPurpose® are used for glucose fingersticks, blood sugar fingersticks, and other fingerstick testing applications, including HIV, Hepatitis, A1c hemoglobin and HgB.

Along with the safety, comfort and ease of use for which SurgiLance® safety lancets are known, SurgiLance® also offers multiple advantages to healthcare providers and point-of-care (POC) diagnostics manufacturers that perform or support fingerstick testing.


With seven types of safety lancets available in a diverse range of blade and needle gauges, there's a SurgiLance® safety lancet for virtually any fingerstick!
SLN100 Yellow 1.0 mm G26
Low Flow
5-10 ul
SLN170 Lime 1.7 mm G28
Low Flow
5-10 ul
SLN200 Grey   1.8 mm G23
Low Flow
10-20 ul
SLN240 Orange 2.2 mm G22
Med Flow
20-40 ul
SLN300 Pink 2.8 mm G21
Med-High Flow
40-60 ul
SLB200 Green 1.8 mm G19
High Flow
75-100 ul
SLB200 Blue 2.3 mm G18
High Flow
150-200 ul


How to Use SurgiLance® Safety Lancets
Instructions for how to use the SurgiLance® safety lancet from MediPurpose® for fingerstick procedures and blood collection procedures.
Step 1

First clean test site according to your facility's protocol.

Step 2

Remove the protective cap from SurgiLance® safety lancet.

Step 3

Place red raised platform end of safety lancet on the test site.

Step 4

Gently push the SurgiLance® safety lancet down against test site to activate the lancet mechanism.

Step 5

Discard used SurgiLance® safety lancet into a suitable biohazard sharps container.


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