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Languette thermosensible pour le transport des vaccins

Languette thermosensible pour le transport des vaccins

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DeltaTRAK’s Cold Chain Vaccine Monitoring Card is designed to be used during storage or transport to confirm whether vaccines have been exposed to abusive temperatures.

The card features DeltaTRAK’s irreversible chemical TempDot Minus labels designed to monitor descending temperatures and TempDot Plus labels designed to track ascending cumulative temperature excursion events.

With this single card vaccines can be monitored for both ascending and descending temperature excursions.

On receipt receivers have an immediate pass or fail visual confirmation of the vaccines temperature exposure.

The Cold Chain Vaccine Monitoring Card includes complete easy to understand instructions on how to activate and how to read these labels when the card, or cards, are removed from the cold chain shipment(s).


Visually Easy to Interpret Read Capabilities
Easy to see data for decision making.
Identify Cold Chain Problems
If used for tracking individual shipments and/or routes, can pinpoint where temp abuse occurs along the route.
Easy to Implement and Use
Simplicity in the process for activating and reading the results.
Low Cost
Minimal training and no additional reading equipment
Discreet Information
Provides a definitive recording if product goes to freeze point, and a cumulative time of exposure to any temperature excursions above threshold that may occur.
Decrease in lack of product temperature abuses, when used as a real time shipping route monitor
Leads to Increased profit as less drug “spoilage” and improved patient safety.


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