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Electrode pour la mesure du pH

Electrode pour la mesure du pH

Modèle :Orion Ross Sure-Flow 81-72

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ROSS Sure-Flow Electrodes provide a free-flowing sleeve junction especially designed for measurement in general pH samples as well as viscous or colloidal samples whenever best performance is desired. The junction can be cleaned easily between measurements; pressing down on the cap allows filling solution to flow through the junction, carrying away any contamination that may interfere with measurement. Cap diameter is 16 mm.

pH Range 0-14
Temperature Range 0-100°C
Internal Reference ROSS
Junction Sure-Flow
Dimensions 120 mm x 12 mm


Cat. No. Description
TO8172BNWP ph electrode with DIN 1 pin, not waterproof  (1 m)


Etiquettes : Electrode, pour, mesure

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