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Enregistreurs de données pour l'expérimentation didactique avec senseurs variés et autonomes

Enregistreurs de données pour l'expérimentation didactique avec senseurs variés et autonomes

Modèle :Neulog

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  • Converts the measured parameter into a processed value (°C, °F, Lux, dB, mA, V, etc.)
  • Sends the data in digital form to a viewer unit, any kind of computer or tablet
  • Saves up to 5 experiments in its flash memory
  • Calibration is done by pressing a push-button
  • Changing ranges and gains is done through software
  • Experiments run with or without a computer
  • Saved experiments in the Logger Sensor can be uploaded to a computer at any time


Advantages over comparable systems in the market


  • The modular plug and play system allows the connection of sensors in a chain, in any order
  • Each sensor is in itself a full data acquisition system
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Robust hardware and attractive design
  • Very simple operation
  • No cable clutter and therefore a very simple construction of experiments
  • System allows wireless connection


VIEW-101 - Graphic display unit
The Graphic Display unit (GDU) is used to run experiments without a PC. The GDUdisplays the sensor's measurements in digital and graphical forms. It can also be used to program the sensor's experiment setup as well as viewing the input from up to five sensors at a time.

This unit has a user-friendly design with a color graphic display and touch screen. The Graphic Display unit is used when a PC is not available for each group. It can work with up to 5 sensors in parallel.

Some of the module's features are:

  • Automatic recognition of sensors.
  • Uses preset experiment parameters for easy initiation.
  • Communicates with all the sensors or one at a time.
  • Controls each sensor's range and measurement units.
  • Internal charging circuit is incorporated.
  • Mode to view sensor values in real time – up to five at a time.
  • Automatic Power-Off for longer battery life.

Sensors are connected to the GDU via its USB (A) socket. Remote connection is also possible by plugging an RF Communication module into it and another into the sensor or sensor chain. This enables both setting up and analyzing the collected data.

The VIEW-101 can be connected to a chain of sensors ending with the battery module connected to the last sensor of the chain.

When the GDU VIEW-101 receives power, it starts scanning and identifies the connected sensors. The located sensors are displayed on the left side of the screen.


Please, see the .PDF below.


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