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Cabinet de protection contre la radiation

Cabinet de protection contre la radiation

Modèle :

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The cabinet has two large side doors to provide easy access for the user. It can also be used as a fully enclosed workstation. The dimensions are such that a sizeable working space is provided, and the user's vision is unobstructed whether sitting or standing. A small cut-out at the rear of the unit enables services to be used inside the cabinet. When not in use, the doors can be closed and the unit used to store radioactive materials.

The rear face features a convenient holder for two pipettes which helps to keep the worksurface clear, while services can be accessed through the cut-out at the base of the cabinet. The cabinet has no base in order for it to be used on removable 5mm thick acrylic base tray. A suitable laboratory safety tray, RPP-TY6854 or RPP-TW6854 can also be used. Available for either Beta or Gamma radiation protection.

Material Beta: 10 mm acrylic
Gamma: 12 mm lead acrylic
Dimensions (HxWxD) RPP-C Ext: 500 x 570 x 390 mm
Int: 490 x 550 x 370 mm
  RPP-CG Ext: 500 x 570 x 390 mm
Int: 488 x 446 x 366 mm


RPP-C Cabinet, Beta
RPP-CG Cabinet, Gamma
RPP-TW6854 Base tray for cabinet, white, 68 x 54 cm
RPP-TY6854 Base tray for cabinet, yellow, 68 x 54 cm
RPP-TL6854 Tray liners for cabinet, pk/25, 68 x 54 cm




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