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Circulateur chauffant à immersion MX

Circulateur chauffant à immersion MX

Fabricant :Polyscience
Modèle :

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General Specifications
  • Working temperatures from ambient +10°C to +200°C
  • Temperature stabilities to ±0.005°C
  • Capacities from 6 to 28 liters
  • Six controller types with large, intuitive displays and multiple communication options
  • Large bath openings and easy to clean surfaces
  • Swivel 180™ Rotating Controllers
  • LidDock™ lid stowing system
  • DuraTop™ chemical resistant deck
PolyScience offers almost 50 different solutions for your laboratory’s liquid-heating needs — from a simple immersion circulator to economical open bath systems to full-featured circulating baths with ramp and soak capability. Typical applications include warming reagents and culture media, thawing or tempering samples, biological incubation, cell culture, enzyme assays, or controlling the temperature of laboratory equipment such as chromatography columns, viscometers, and densitometers.

PolyScience Heated Circulators come with the following accessories:
  • Reservoir cover
  • Bypass tubing
  • Male inlet and outlet adapters for 3/8, 1/4, and 3/16" (.95, .63, and .47 cm) tubing. 1/4" NPT to M16 adapters also included on 50 Hz units.
Also included is a 6' (1.83 m) standard grounded electrical cord with country-specific plug.


General Features
  • Whether equipped with the entry-level MX
  • Controller or the most sophisticated Performance
  • Programmable, our Heated Circulating Baths are extremely easy to use. Crisp menu architecture, screen icons, and plain-text prompts make it easy to navigate through operational settings and options.
LidDock™ helps keep moisture where it belongs — in the bath. And accessing the reservoir drain is as simple as removing the Circulator’s front panel.
All models feature user-settable high-temperature safeties as well as redundant over-temperature protection and comply with RoHS, WEEE, IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-010, IEC 61326-1, DIN 12876 and are CE and ETL certified. Our DuraTop™ surface is cooler to the touch when operating at high temperatures.
Exceptionally exacting temperature control, combined with a tap-water cooling-coil, allow you to maintain bath temperatures at or near ambient with stabilities as precise as ±0.005°C.
A variety of communication and control options, including Ethernet, USB data logging and computer control, bi-directional serial communication, and external circulation with remote temperature control, enhance functionality and applications flexibility.


Specific Features
  • Create a circulating bath using your own vessel or a PolyScience open bath tank
  • Large, 3.25" (8.3 cm) universal icon and English display
  • Single-speed pressure pump
  • Adjustable flow
  • User-adjustable high and low temperature limits and alarms
  • Integral pump and heater coil protection
  • Complies with DIN 12876-1 Class I safety requirements for use with non-flammable liquids
  • Single-point calibration


Key Specifications
Working Temperature: Up to 135°C

Temperature Stability: ±0.07°C

Heater: 1100 W

Maximum Pressure: psi (bar)
120 VAC/60 Hz Models 1.8 (0.12)
240 VAC/50 Hz Models 1.5 (0.10)

Maximum Flow Rate: Pressure[gpm (l/min)]
120 VAC/60 Hz Models 3.4 (12.8)
240 VAC/50 Hz Models 2.8 (10.6)


The MX Immersion Circulator should be mounted only to tanks with a working depth of 7.25"/18.4 cm or more.
Convenient slide control allows you to easily adjust the flow rate. Clamps securely to both straight and curved tank walls.



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