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Contrôleur de pipettes

Contrôleur de pipettes

Modèle :Powerpette Turbo

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One of the lightest pipette controllers you can buy, the Powerpette Turbo offers a powerful performance in a streamlined pistol grip shape. The extra powerful yet quiet motor speeds up large volume pipetting, filling 25ml pipettes in less than 3 seconds. 

The Powerpette Turbo fits the hand perfectly with the pipette holder at an angle ideal for use within a laminar flow or biological safety cabinet. A new bench stand enables the Powerpette Turbo to be parked in an upright position or with a pipette fitted.

  • Fills 25ml pipette in under 3 seconds on its fastest setting
  • Rechargeable during use
  • 3 aspirate & dispense modes all with variable speed including gravity dispense for TD pipettes
  • Powerful motor
  • Supplied with 3 filters and 2 position bench stand
  • Environmentally friendly nickel metal hydride battery
  • Comfortable concave triggers
  • Autoclavable pipette holder
  • Low battery light
  • Suitable for all types of pipettes 1-100ml
  • CE marked


Cat. No. Description
266-132 Powerpette Turbo
fitted with a 0.45µm filter and supplied complete with AC adaptor, two spare hydrophobic filters (1 x 0.45µm and 1 x 0.2µm) bench stand and instruction manual
Accessories Pack Size
266-003 Replacement filter set 0.45µm
266-089 Replacement filter set 0.2µm
266-004 Replacement silicone pipette holder
266-006 Sterile filter 0.45µm
266-126 New style bench stand



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