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Illuminateur modulaire

Illuminateur modulaire

Modèle :Ultra Versatile

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The MSI-150 is the industry's most versatile 150W halogen, high intensity fiber optic illuminator. Its quick-change snap-in lamp midule permits easy access and fast replacement since it contains all critical parts. MSI-150 includes both a solid state dimmer and a mechanical diaphragm. Dimmer adjusts voltage, extends lamp life, changes color temperature.

Diaphragm adjusts light path. Color temperature remains constant as light output changes. The MSI-150 is delivered with either an EJA lamp for optimum light output or an EKE lamp for longer lamp life. Forced-air fan cooled, with voltage trimmer adjustments, the lightweight MSI-150 accommodates single or bifurcated fiber bundles as well as ringlights.

  • Dimmer and diaphragm in one system
  • Fast lamp socket replacement
  • Forced air-cooling prolongs lamp life
  • Lightweight, compact
  • Full 10 year warranty
  • Rugged aluminum case


Customized to specific end user and OEM needs


  • Slide-out module design provides easy lamp access
  • Min/max trimmer adjust: easy access to dimmer circuit allows field techs to govern lowest and highest lamp setting
  • Lateral sliding filter holder: accepts two filters. Heat filter can be permanently installed behind the sliding filter holder.
  • Preset dimmer and/or diaphragm for next use.
  • Variable EJA/EKE locations: Fast simple lampholder placement.
  • EJA = best light output/40hr. lamp life / 8mm spot size.
    EKE = 1/2 EJA light output/200hr. lamp life / 16mm spot size.
  • One touch high/low voltage switch. Choose max voltage/light output or reduce voltage and extend lamp life up to 1000%
  • Lighted Main Power Switch. Cools lamp with dimmer off.


  • DC regulated circuit
  • Remote control connection
  • Computer control 0-5v DC
  • Extra filter holders for unlimited filter changes.


Lamp type EJA or EKE
Input voltage 115 VAC
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output lamp voltage 21VAC
Lamp color temperature EJA: 3350°K; EKE: 3250°K
Output lamp wattage 150W
Fuse 3 Amp
Size (LxWxH) 9.25 x 7 x 5.25 in.
Weight 10 lbs.
U.L. Listed FO-150 & FO-150-DPHM
Warranty 10 year warranty on all parts except lamp socket




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