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Microscopes Stéréo Zoom XTX-E

Microscopes Stéréo Zoom XTX-E

Modèle :Série XTX-E

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With the stereo Zoom microscope, once the specimen is brought to focus, you can change the magnification to suit your needs without refocusing. The XTX-E can be widely used in electronics and precision machine industries for assembling and inspection of products. In particular it is suitable for observing the fine structure of irregular bodies because of its high resolution and clear imaging within a broad field of view. It is also appropriate for educational purposes in schools and hospitals and can be used in agriculture, forestry, medical service, geology, archeology, and biology.


• Up-right and sharp image with high resolution
• Main body 3600 rotatable
• Zoom ratio 1:4

Binocular viewing
microscope body
Interpupillary distance
Objective Zoom 1X-4X, Working distance 85mm
Eyepiece SWF10X/23
Transmitted light 110V or 220V/12V10W T-H lamp with reflector

CAT. NO. Description
GM-XTX-E Binocular zoom stereo microscope, 1X-4X objective, pillar-style stand
GM-XTX-EW Same, but with an arm-curved-style stand
GM-XTX-3E Trinocular zoom microscope, 1X-4X objective, pillar-style stand



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