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Système d'éclairage annulaire réglable de précision

Système d'éclairage annulaire réglable de précision

Modèle :R-90

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The patented R-90 ring light is the first precision adjustable, 8-point ring light for stereo microscopes. It provides uniform, interference-free illumination over a wide distance range and enables users to precision adjust light output to specific applications. The R-90's "glide" system enables fast effortless adjustment to change contrast, eliminating glare without altering stereo microscope optics. Light output is brilliant and shadows are virtually eliminated.

The ring's 8-point light sources are the polished ends of optical glass fibers mounted in tilting carriers. Tilting is accomplished via a sophisticated mechanical rotating disk which uniformly directs the motion of the 8 light openings to a single convergence opint. Operating distance is 0-12". The adjustable R-90 ring light also features darkfield advantage allowing it to be used in a broad variety of scientific, industrial and commercial applications.

  • Full 360° shadow-free, uniform, and cool illumination for stereo microscopes.
  • Patented "glide" adjustment system.
  • Black anodized.
  • Rugged aluminum construction.
  • Darkfield capability.
  • Opeating Distance: 0-24" with collimating lenses.
  • Operating Distance: 0-12" without collimating lenses.
  • Finest quality optical glass.
  • Polished stainless steel end fittings.


Inside diameter 2.362" (60mm)
Outside diameter 4.3" (109.2mm)
Weight 1 lb.
Fiber Diameter 9mm Nominal
Temperature Range -40°F to +600°F
Actual length 30° (762mm)
Length of fiber to ring light housing 27" (685.5mm)



  • Set of 8 adjustable collimating lenses for concentrated or soft spread lighting.
  • Custom fiber lengths and sheathings.




Standard one year warranty.






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