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Chambre anaérobique

Chambre anaérobique

Modèle :BactronEZ

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The BactronEZ is an ideal first anaerobic chamber or replacement chamber for customers who desire to upgrade their existing chamber. It has a 13.7 cu.ft. workspace and a 300 plate capacity incubator. Specifically designed for use by smaller laboratories, it may also serve as an economical set-up for larger labs.

Bactron systems have an airtight construction of stainless steel and rigid Plexiglas for unobstructed sample viewing and integrity. The patented ergonomic cuffs form a comfortable seal around the operator’s arms permitting bare handed manipulation of plates and specimens inside the working chamber, making work more comfortable and efficient.

Chamber atmosphere circulates through a condensate controller then through a catalyst which removes any trace amounts of oxygen. High relative humidity is maintained while condensate moisture is removed without using desiccants, which can dehydrate media and samples. Vacuum pumps, standard on most models, provide rapid evacuation of air from the air lock module for replacement by an inert gas mixture.

Unlike many competitive anaerobic chambers, the SHEL LAB Bactron chambers have full third party verified safety compliance certificates and meet EN61010, UL61010 and Can/CSA61010 standards.

The Culmination of Over 40 Years of Industry Experience
Combining our market experience and manufacturing excellence provides a solid foundation for our life science product offering. We are constantly evolving our products and manufacturing technology to keep the SHEL LAB name at the forefront of our industry.


Specifications BactronEZ
Exterior Dimensions (w x d x h) 48.7” x 31.3” x 26.5” (124 x 79.5 x 67 cm)
Interior Dimensions* (w x d x h) 33” x 28.5” x 25.2” (83.8 x 72.4 x 64 cm)
Chamber Volume 13.7 cu. ft. / 388 L
Air Lock (Access) 9” x 10.7” x 9”
Air Lock Volume 0.5 cu. ft. / 14 L
Incubator (w x d x h) 27.5” x 8” x 13.5” (70 x 20 x 34 cm)
Incubator Volume 1.7 cu. ft. / 48 L
Voltz/Hertz 110-120/50-60
Watts 1100/1440
Phase/amps Single/9/6
Interior Outlets 2, 1 amp. Max (120V)
1, 1 amp. Max (230V)
Exterior Outlet, vacuum 5 amp. Max
Incubator Performance
Temp. range Amb +5° to 70°C
Temp. uniformity (+/-) .5° C
* The height dimension of the interior is a subjective working height. This measurement reflects the dimension from the floor of the chamber to the top of the body without regard for shelves, interfering incubators or the airlock door.
** 220 volt units are supplied with one interior outlet. All specifications are determined by using average values on standard equipment at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F) and line voltages within +/-10% of unit type (115V/230V). Temperature specifications follow DIN 12880 methodology. We reserve the right to change specifications at any time.


BactronEZ Essential Accessories Kit Includes:
  • 2 Petri Dish Racks
  • LED Light Box
  • Gas Regulator Assembly
  • Vacuum Pump Assembly
  • Foot Pedal Assembly
  • Ergo Catalyst Holder


Optional Accessories
917-995-0005 BactronEZ Essential Accessories Kit, 115V
917-995-0006 BactronEZ Essential Accessories Kit, 230V
Cuffs 3600502 (L)/3600501 (M)/3600500 (S)
9990738M Sleeve Assembly Bactron
9990515 Microscope adapter
9990516 Stereo microscope assembly
9490578 Anatox Fan
CAT180 Catalyst Regeneration Oven


Catalyst Oven
This accessory oven heats the catalyst cartridge at the correct temperature and duration, so you can be sure that your catalysts are always regenerated properly.



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