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Salmonella test Biotechnology

Salmonella test

Product Code:SAS™

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  • SAS™ Salmonella Tests is used for the detection of Salmonella in milk products, chicken, eggs and other food products.
  • The test is based on the superior SAS™ Rapid Immunochromatographic Assay.
  • Provides a high level of sensitivity; detects as low as 1 CFU of Salmonella in 25 g of food, which exceeds USDA and AOAC recommendations.
  • Simple to run. Just add 4 drops of sample/broth mixture to the device after overnight incubation and read results within 10 minutes. One line indicates negative and two lines indicate positive.
  • Room temperature storage; long shelf life


Cat. No. Description
079020 SAS Salmonella Test - 20 Test Kit



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