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Incubateurs microbiologiques à grande capacité de Thermo

Incubateurs microbiologiques à grande capacité de Thermo

Modèle :Heratherm

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Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm® large capacity microbiological incubators are the right choice for large samples or high sample volume.

General Protocol units with gravity convection minimize drying out of samples. Advanced Protocol Security models with mechanical convection technology provide outstanding temperature performance to ensure fully reproducible results.

Safety Ease of use Optional stainless steel
exterior for Advanced Protocol Security units
  • Optimal temperature performance to protect your valuable samples
  • Automatic overtemperature alarm
  • Safe view of samples through internal glass door without impact on temperature
  • Easy temperature setting with intuitive user interface
  • Large vacuum fluorescent display for easy reading
  • Simple calibration routine
  • Meets demanding needs in pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories


Heratherm 400 L
General Protocol Incubators
  • Two sizes (400 L and 750 L)
  • Gravity convection technology with unique airflow has been developed to minimize drying out of samples
  • Optimal use of chamber with flexible shelving system and lockable castors for easy set-up / moving
Gravity Convection
Order Number Model Internal Volume L/CU.FT. Maximum Temperature °C
51029321  IGS400  405 / 14.3  75
51029333  IGS750  747 / 26.4  75


Heratherm 750 L
Large Capacity Advanced Protocol Ovens
  • Mechanical convection technology ensures optimal temperature distribution with improved level of temperature uniformity: ± 0.2 to 0.3 °C
  • Temperature range from ambient +5 °C to 105 °C for application flexibility: units can even be used for drying applications
  • Unique 140 °C decontamination cycle, eliminating the need for separate autoclaving or use of toxic decontaminants
Mechanical Convection
Order Number MODEL  Internal Volume L/CU.FT. Maximum Temperature °C
51029323  IMH400-S  381 / 13.4  105
51029324  IMH400-S SS**  381 / 13.4  105
51029335  IMH750-S  702 / 24.8  105
51029336  IMH750-S SS**  702 / 24.8 105
* All units are 120V
** Stainless steel exterior


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