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pump Dispenser Biotechnology

pump Dispenser

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Ideal for applications where precise control and accurate, repeatable deliveries are required. The systems precise delivery control provides the versatility to cope with the demands of either research or production work.

No Splashing, No Frothing

Its sequential delivery pattern gives a slow start to the delivery which then speeds up before slowing towards the end, preventing overspill and reducing the risk of frothing.

Media Dispensing

A stand-by mode ensures constant recirculation of the reservoir contents when not dispensing, thus keeping the media in suspension.

  • Simple and accurate microprocessor calibration
  • Any dose volume from 0.5ml to 9.99L
  • Automatic or manual operation (hand or footswitch)
  • Variable interval timing
  • Built-in interface for Perimatic® Robotic XY Module
  • Non-volatile memory facility; stores calibration values, volumes and set-ups for various tubing sizes
  • Menu driven LCD for fast programming
  • RS232 interface for automatic calibration using balance
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9002


Dispensing range 0.5ml to >10 litres
Accuracy 5ml/ 10ml/ 25ml ±1.2%/±0.8%/±0.5%
Repeatability 5ml/ 10ml/ 25ml 0.3%/0.3%/0.2%
Electronics Microprocessor
Bore tube (min) 3mm
Bore tube (max) 8mm
Tube wall thickness 2mm
Pumping rate* 2.1ml/sec to 33.3ml/sec
Power (dual selectable) 220-240V/110V 50/60Hz, 150W
Fuse rating T1A/T1.6A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 310x360x320mm
Weight 16kg
* Dependent upon tube bore and selected speed.


Cat. No. Description
256-005 Perimatic® Premier supplied with three sizes of silicone tubing assemblies
Stainless Steel Delivery Nozzles
256-113 Stainless Steel delivery nozzle 3mm diameter
256-114 Stainless Steel delivery nozzle 5mm diameter
Silicone Tubing Assemblies
Tubing (bore x Ø)
Spare tubing Cat. No.
3 x7 mm
5 x9 mm
8 x12 mm



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