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Système de préparation de plats Petri automatisé

Système de préparation de plats Petri automatisé

Modèle :

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Compact carroussel

The Petri plates are stacked in a carrousel that contains p to 80 (four columns of 20). The carrousel is taken from the incubator and installed in the unit. The Petri dishes can have a bar code label to be identified. If they do not have bar code label, the position od the Petri plate in the column and the column itself are used as identification.
Automated counting

The plate handler can be used for different applications. The first development is to automate the colony counting with the Countermat Flash
Built-in bar code reader

The bar code reader stops the rotating movement when has got the information. This information could be used for identification purposes as well as to give orders to the counter.


Introduce the carrousel in the unit and close the door
Decide the plate to be processed. The unit moves the column on the lift
The lift opens the lid, reads the bar code and introduces the Petri dish in the Countermat Flash
Once counted the Petri plate is covered and stacked again. When the work is finished returns the column to the carrousel


Petri dishes Any model of 90mm diameter in plastic
Carrousel capacity From 80 to 96 plates according high
Processing time 20 minutes complete carrousel
Attachment Can be mounted to any Countermat Flash
Mains 10/240V, 50/60Hz, 500W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 840 x 350 x 850 mm
Weight 49kg


Cat. No. Description
4301 Basic unit with hand and Countermat Flash stand. Includes one plastic carrousel
4340 Plastic carrousel



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