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Chambres pour anesthésie

Chambres pour anesthésie

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These Anesthesia Chambers are available in four (4) standard sizes. Custom sizes are available. All chambers include heavy duty construction of either smoked transparent acrylic or thermoset plastic (Clear or Smoke).

  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Removable False Floor
  • Two (2) Gas Nipples or  Gas Valves on our larger units
  • Closed Cellular Gasketing


  • Hibernation Studies
  • Euthanasia
  • Nebulizing Chamber
  • Air Pollution Studies
  • Special Gas Atmospheres


Optionnal accessories
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Stainless Steel Floor
  • CO2 Absorption System with pump
  • Ground Key Cock Valves (N2, Air, Vac, Etc.)


Anesthesia chambers
Model Number Suggested Animal Interior Size Color Volume
900-RCS Standard Small Rodent(s) 7.75" diam. I.D. 8" height Clear Cylinder 7.5 liters
900-RCL Large Large Rodent(s) 10.75" diam. I.D. 9" height Clear Cylinder 13.5 liters
901-EC Small Rodent(s) 12"w x 12"d 12"h Transp. Grey 28 liters
902-EC Large Rodent(s) 18"w x 18"d 18"h Transp. Grey 95 liters
903-EC Rabbits, Felines, Small Canines 36"w x 20"d 24"h Transp. Grey 224 liters
904-EC Felines Canines 28"w x 24"d 28"h White Thermoset Plastic 264 liters



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