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Générateur programmable de stimuli à 8 entrées

Générateur programmable de stimuli à 8 entrées

Modèle :3800

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A-M Systems is proud to introduce our new Model 3800 8-channel Programmable Stimulus Generator.

In response to many inquiries for a multichannel version of our popular Model 2100 Isolated Pulse Stimulator, we have developed this unit. The Model 3800 has 8 completely independent channels, a front panel touch screen, and computer control capabilities.

Each Channel can provide pulse durations as short as 1microsecond over a 15 minute timing interval, or up to 1ms with a 250 hour timing interval.

By using one channel to trigger another channel, you can combine the timing ranges, resulting in microsecond pulses occurring every 250 hours


Available Timing Ranges per channel
  • 0=0 to 15 mins. @ 1µs resolution
  • 1=0 to 2.5 hrs. @ 10µs resolution
  • 2=0 to 25 hrs. @ 100µs resolution
  • 3=0 to 250 hrs. @ 1000µs resolution

This device is a constant voltage device, capable of producing 10V biphasic pulses. Complete gating, triggering, and sync outputs are available.

An optional stimulus isolation unit +/-100V and +/- 20mA compliances



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