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Instrument de stéréotaxie

Instrument de stéréotaxie

Modèle :Lab Standard

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The Lab Standard™ Stereotaxic Instrument, manufactured by Stoelting, is ideal for researchers in need of a versatile, reliable instrument for stereotaxic procedures with small animals. Precision alignment when using the Lab Standard™ ensures accurate placement of electrodes, micropipettes, and other devices. 

The time-proven ‘U’-Frame design concept, sturdy construction, and adaptability to most model species make this the best choice for a stereotaxic instrument.

Stoelting's Lab Standard™ offers severaladvantages over competing instruments:
Easily Read Scales  
Convenient for Electrophysiology
All scales are oriented to be read easily from the open end of the ‘U’. This is the position from which most scientists prefer to work. The numerals on the scales are larger, and therefore more easily read. The scale lines are laser engraved, to allow finest possible permanent marking of scales on all 3 axes. Precise alignment with facing vernier scales gives accurate resolution to 0.1mm. Integral brass bushings in the manipulator arm allow grounding directly to the closest metal on the manipulator arm—even the probe holder.
Smooth Movements Dual Manipulator Model
The Lab Standard’s™ exclusive, triple lead screws allow the fastest positioning possible, consistent with lining up the scales easily at a given coordinate.  The 51603 Dual Manipulator Lab Standard™ has 3-dimensional manipulator arms on both sides, the second manipulator arm being properly reversed as to handedness. Dual manipulators are very useful in studies in which double injections or simultaneous stimulation and recording are necessary.
Versatility of Positioning Included Components
The manipulator arm controls medio-lateral and vertical positioning via lead screws, and antero-posterior movement via dovetail slide movement, with 80 mm of travel possible in each direction. A Universal Joint allows the investigator to change the angle of the probe up to 90o in either the antero-posterior or medio-lateral planes. The improved locking mechanism on the Lab Standard™ will hold any angle position without slippage. And of course, it also provides an absolute lock at 90o vertical. 
In addition, a swing joint allows the investigator to conveniently swing the manipulator arm and probe out of the way for performing a procedure – then reliably return the probe to the same point. 
Both the 51600 and 51603 include the U-frame base plate, manipulator arm(s), standard probe holder(s) with corner clamp, and Rat Adaptor (nose clamp assembly and 18° taper ear bars). The 51650 and 51653 include non-puncture 45° ear bars instead of 18° ear bars. 
Selection of Accessories
Species adaptors are available to fit rat, cat/monkey, dog/monkey, mouse, guinea pig and small bird. Probe holders and species adaptors for ‘U’ frame stereotaxic instruments from other manufacturers are generally compatible with the Lab Standard™ frame.


Product No. Description
51600 Lab Standard w/18 Degree Earbars
51650 Lab Standard w/45 Earbars
51603 Dual Manipulator Stereotaxic
51653 Dual Lab Standard w/45 Degree Earbars
51601 Head Holder Base



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