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Instrument stéréotaxique

Instrument stéréotaxique

Modèle :sans manipulateur

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This sleek new look in stereotaxic instrumentation offers several practical advantages. The rounded corners do not become chipped or scratched and do not nick or scratch other objects. 

The narrower profile is more space efficient. The surface finish is both more durable and more easily cleanable than conventional paint. The entire instrument may be autoclaved if desirable. The smooth consistent movements are a pleasure to operate.

  • Superior bushings make this the only autoclaveable stereotaxic instrument, and contribute to the smooth feel of the manipulator movements.
  • The instrument has a laser etched grid for probe alignment and verification. Vernier scales on each axis allow reading to 0.1 mm. The scale numbers are oriented for user convenience, and laser engraved with extremely fine lines for maximum alignability.
  • Solid, reliable locks allow tilting the universal joint in one plane, and securing it there so it will not slip or be moved accidentally. Probes can be angled in either the AP plane, or the ML plane.
  • The entire stereotaxic instrument is electrically groundable from a single point.
  • The movement/rotation is faster than other instruments, but easily aligned to 0.1 mm.
  • The default ear bars have a 45 degree taper into the ear. This avoids puncturing the tympanic membrane. Configurations and accessories for mouse, rat and other species are available. A selection of probe holders is available.


Resolution, all scales 0.1 mm, vernier scale
Manipulator Movement Ranges AP 80 mm
ML 80 mm
DV 80 mm
Tilt in ML or AP axes ±90º
Toothbar Movement Ranges DV 20 mm
AP 44.5 mm
Compatibility Manipulators, earbars and nose holders interchangeable with other common makes of stereotaxic instruments.
Lead Screw Advance 5 mm/revolution
Probe Holder Shaft Diameter: 7.88 mm (0.31 inches)
Length: 168 mm
Block: 11 mm square, 10 grooves spaced 1 mm on 3 sides
Standard Clamp Holds 1.5 mm electrode shaft, options available
Set Screw on Shaft holder: 3/32 inch/

Second manipulator may be added on opposite side.

Cat. No. Description
463401 Benchmark Stereotaxic W/O Manipulators




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