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CMT Alto-G12 Géomatique

CMT Alto-G12

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  • The only sub-meter integrated hand-held GPS/GIS receiver on the market.
  • Very good for precision farming, hydrographic surveys, etc.
  • Signal inaccuracies are removed with RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor). Built-in strobe correlator technology provides unmatched multi-path mitigation for code.

The Alto-G12 package included CMT's PC-GPS software for comprehensive GPS project management and mapping. PC-GPS provides functions for Mapping, Mission Planning, Batch Differential Correction, Static Point "Spread" analysis and Job Editing.

The software also supports GIS layering, raster images (i.e. DOQs, DRGs, aerial photographs, satellite imagery), multimedia objects (OLE 2.0) and Microsoft® ODBC.

Real-time Diffrential (DGPS)
DGPS (CEP) 40 cm
DGPS (2DRMS) 90 cm
DGPS (typical) 60 - 100 cm
L1 Carrier phase post-processing  
Static (RMS) 2 cm + 2 ppm
Static (2DRMS) 90 cm
L1 C/A code post-processing  
Static (CEP) ;40 cm
Static (2DRMS) 90 cm
Static (typical) 50-90 cm
Time to first fix 45 sec typical
20 sec with current ephemeris
Reacquisition 2 sec
Velocity (RMS) .05 m/s
Maximum velocity 460 m/sec
Maximum altitude 18 000 m
Sustained acceleration 20 G


  • 12 channel L1 frequency
  • Strobe Correlator technology
  • Full wavelength carrier phase on L1
  • Carrier-phase smoothing
  • RTCM-104 Ver. 2.2 input
  • NMEA 0.183 Ver. 2.2 output
  • 1 PPs timing signal


  • Waterproof (submersible)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 54°C
  • 16 line x 25 character backlit display
  • 4MB RAM standard (8MB optional)
  • Fully integrated GPS receiver, antenna and data collector in one hand-held unit
  • 55-key alphanumeric keyboard including 5 function keys and separate numeric keypad
  • Optional external antenna
  • Field-replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Up to 8 hrs. operation on rechargeable battery


  • Graphic plotting
  • Traversing keyboard data entry to allow you to continue mapping when GPS in obstructed
  • Offset function to map hard-to-reach locations
  • Nested point function for tagging points while you are mapping a line or area feature
  • Averaging function to optimize accuracy while recording static points
  • LLA/UTM/SPC plus user-defined datums
  • Provides area calculation in the field
  • Interfaces to laser rangefingers, barcode readers and various NMEA devices
  • Two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports, PC/AT pinout



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