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Appareil de mesure de la température de l'air ambiant

Modèle 592


  • Rapide response time
  • Calibration traceable to NIST
  • Interchangeable without recalibration
  • "Free-air" suspension of thermistor bead
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Model 592 temperature sensor is a precision, extended range thermistor device that is used for the accurate measurement of the ambient air temperature. It provides a direct voltage output equivalent to the current ambient temperature. The sensor is provided with a naturally aspirated radiation shield to reduce solar radiation errors from direct sunshine.

The solid state multi-element thermistor produces a relatively large resistance change per degree of temperature change, allowing the use of normal signal voltages without self-heating of the sensor.
Included is an internal signal conditioning module that provides an output of 0-1 VDC equivalent to the ambient temperature. The sensor makes use of the Plug-and-Play ID code for direct connection to the AutoMet 460A data logger or the BAM-1020 Beta-attenuator mass monitor

The thermistor has a speed of response of 10 senconds in still air. In order to insure this response time, the thermistor bead is supported in free air and protected by the sensor body. The sensor cable is connected to the unit and normally supplied in a 15ft lenght for connection to the AutoMet 460A data logger. Iflonger cables or terminal lugs are required for your application, please specify at time of order.

An all aluminum radiation shield is provided with the sensor for protection from the direct heating effects of the sun.

Time constant  10 seconds in still air
Self-Heating  None
Mounting (standard)  Mounting from to of shield
Mounitng (optional)  Side mounted from vertical post
Range (standard) -30 to +50°C, ±0.15°C accuracy
Range (optional) -50 to +50°C, ±0.1°C accuracy
Cable  Standard length is 15ft specify if alternate length is required.


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