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Incubator CO2 verification

Incubator CO2 verification

Product Code:using the IEQ Chek™ monitor

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Within medical or research facilities, lab incubators are special environments where it is critical to maintain the chamber atmosphere to ensure optimum growth conditions for cell cultures and tissue samples. The incubators need to provide constant temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels to control the correct atmosphere for cell or tissue cultures, embryos for IVF or stem cell research. The incubator units typically have a built-in monitoring system for CO2 while more sophisticated units have additional monitoring for Oxygen (O2). Because it is critical that these levels are kept constant, the incubators require a way to verify that the levels shown by the internal monitoring system are correct.

Bacharach’s IEQ Chek™ accurately and reliably monitors key environmental levels within incubator chambers. These user-friendly direct-reading instruments use a remote sample probe to quickly confirm the CO2 (and O2 if installed) through the CO2 sample port built into the incubator. With built-in sensors at the tip of a secondary probe, the relative humidity (RH) and temperature levels are sampled to confirm the internal chamber readings. With the optional IQ Chek™ software and datalogging kit, all instrument readings can be stored for reference.

The Bacharach IEQ Chek™ has many features designed to meet the environmental monitoring needs within the medical and laboratory markets.

Features of the instrument include:
  • Stable infrared (IR) technology for CO2 monitoring
  • Extra large graphic LCD display shows readings of all on-board sensors
  • Simple, menu-driven intuitive software
  • Large data storage (1 million readings) with optional data downloading software kit
  • Bundled kit for incubator verification includes instrument with pump and remote sampling probes to measure CO2, O2, temperature and relative humidity


Purpose-built instrument kits for incubator verification:
1540-0009 IEQ Chek™ CO2 (0-20%), Pump, Remote Sample Probes for Temperature, RH and CO2
1540-2009 IEQ Chek™ CO2 (0-20%), O2, Pump, Remote Samples Probes for Temperature, RH, CO2, O2
Both kits come complete with the IEQ Chek™ equipped with an internal pump and two sample ports, gas sampling probe for CO2 and O2 with inline water/dust filter, temperature/relative humidity sensor probe, calibration tubing, three "AA" NiMH rechargeable batteries, charge/run AC adapter, user manual. Optional accessories include the IQ Chek™ Datalogging Kit for storing and downloading readings and a hard carrying case for protection.



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