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Incubator | Humidified CO2 Incubator

Incubator | Humidified CO2 Incubator

Product Code:SCO26H

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Supplied with a gentle mechanical air convection that ensures excellent temperature uniformity, and eliminates cold spots. An infrared system accurately controls CO2 levels and provides fast CO2 recovery after door openings. This unit is supplied with six stainless steel shelves, which are adjustable on 1/2 inch increments.

The benefits of using the SCO26H are as follows

• Infrared CO2 Sensing Technology
• Full Glass Viewing Door
• Independent Overtemperature Protection
• Humidity Control Protects Cells


CO2 Incubator Applications

• Cell and Tissue Culture
• Immunology
• Genetic Engineering
• Protein Synthesis
• Virology
• Neurology
• Pharmacology
• In vitro Fertilization
• Human Vaccines
• Veterinary Vaccines
• Carcinogenicity Testing
• Monoclonal Antibodies


Humidified CO2 Incubator
Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH) Inches 39.0 x 37.1 x 77.0
cm 99.0 x 94.0 x 195.6
Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) Inches 31.0 x 26.0 x 58.5
cm 78.7 x 66.0 x 148.6
Incubator Chamber
cu ft 27.3
L 772
CO2 Range % 0-20%
CO2 Sensor Accuracy at 5% +/-0.1%
C02 Recovery Rate to 5% <5 minutes
Relative Humidity at 37ºC Up to 95%
Temperature Range Celsius Ambient +5°C to 50°C
Temperature Uniformity Celsius +/-0.5°C (at 37°C)
Over Temperature Protection Yes/No Yes
Temperature Alarm Yes/No Yes
CO2 Alarm Yes/No Yes
Number of Shelves Included 6

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