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Bench of study of an air-conditioning of the type CUPBOARD

Bench of study of an air-conditioning of the type CUPBOARD

Product Code:CRM 018

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  • The basic material is industrial.
  • The cupboard of air-conditioning has components which are sufficiently distant to be identifiable.
  • The cupboard of instrumented air-conditioning (flow of refrigerant, pressures H.P. and B.P., ammeter and electric voltmeter) allows the complete study of the process.
  • Significant simulation of contribution.
  • The bench of study of an air-conditioning of the CUPBOARD type is delivered complete, instrumented with technical handbook and practical work.
  • Electricity : 230 VAC single-phase current – 6A
  • Dispatcher: 1000 mm
  • Length:1000 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm


  • Operation and maintenance of a cupboard of air-conditioning.
  • Study of a cast solid air-conditioning of cupboard type.
  • Operation of a refrigerating system.
  • Role of the various bodies.
  • Heat balance.
  • Layout of the refrigerating and psychrometric cycle.


  • The most current breakdowns met in the services after sales.
  • They can be of electric or fluidic origin.
  • The teacher applies a breakdown by means of the remote control to infra-red. The pupil is vis-a-vis of an operation in degraded mode or with a stop.
  • A thermometer and a portable anemometer provided and the instrumentation in fixes station (pressure gauge, voltmeter, ammeter, flowmeter) enable him to make diagnostic.


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