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Refrigeration cycle demonstration unit

Refrigeration cycle demonstration unit

Product Code:CRD 400

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The refrigeration cycle demonstration unit, CRD 400, is a refrigeration block of one compression stage of a commercial unit. It is equipped with the industrial materials generally used in the refrigeration industry.This unit utilizes the refrigerant R 134, which is now the preferred refrigerant.

  • This refrigeration cycle demonstration unit is delivered complete with instrumentation as well as technical and Instruction manuals.
  • It deals with the demonstration of a refrigeration cycle involving mechanical charging, as well as the calculation and dimensioning of a refrigeration system.
  • It is designed and constructed to meet industrial standards
  • It may be used at different levels and in various fields of study.
  • It uses the refrigerant R 134 a as required by new regulations covering the use of refrigerants
  • Other voltges can be provided on request
    • Electricity : 230 VAC Mono 1.1 A
  • Water : 3 L/min (network)
  • Length: 780 mm
  • Width: 630 mm
  • Height: 620 mm
  • Weight: 51 kg


  • Study of the basic concepts in a refrigeration unit which utilizes R 134a refrigerant
  • Study of the important phases found in one refrigeration cycle ( compression – condensation – evaporation)
  • Analysis of the theoretical refrigeration cycle
  • Analysis of the real refrigeration cycle
    - Determination of loss of charge
    - Determination of overheating
    - Determination of under cooling
    - Determination of the refrigeration power through the evaporator
    - Determination of the power through the condenser
  • Calculation of thermal results through a condenser and through an evaporator
  • Construction of the refrigeration cycle in a state diagram
  • Diagram of a theoretical refrigeration cycle
    Diagram of a real refrigeration cycle
    Power through the condenser


  1. Sealed motocompressor
    • Commercial type
    • Electrical power : 1/8 CV
    • Frigorific power : 402 W
    - Condensation temperature : + 55°C
    - Evaporation temperature : + 5°C
  2. H.P manometer compressor outlet – condenser inlet
  3. Safety valve tared at 14 bares
  4. Exchanger (condenser)
    • Glass casing
    • Stainless steel coil tube
    • Network water entrance and evacuation
    • Water flow measurement
    • Temperature measurement at inlet and outlet
  5. Liquid tank
    • Vertical, iron, capacity : 0.9 litre
  6. H.P. manometer liquid tank
  7. Service valve liquid point of departure
  8. Solid dehydrator
    • With solid body Ø ¼
  9. Fluid state indicator – high pressure liquid
  10. Rotameter
    • Magnetic transmission
    • Needle display
    • Stainless steel construction
  11. Thermostatic expansion valve
    • With internal pressure equalization
    • Calibration orifice of interchangeable flow
  12. Low pressure manometer expansion valve outlet – evaporator inlet
  13. Exchanger (evaporator)
    • Glass casing
    • Stainless steel coil tube
    • Network water entrance and evacuation
    • Water flow measurement
    • Measurement of the inlet and outlet temperature
  14. SCHRADER micro valve
  15. Shock proof liquid bottle
  16. Low pressure manometer evaporator exit – compressor aspiration
  17. Safety high pressure/low pressure with manual winding
    2A Circuit breaker
    Temperature indicator and commutator for the measurement at characteristic points



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