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SPLIT SYSTEM air conditioning

SPLIT SYSTEM air conditioning

Product Code:CRM 013

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  • The unit is made up of two parts: the first consists of the condensation unit and the second consists of the evaporator . It can be placed into a closed chamber, which simulates a room that is to be air conditioned.
  • The components are of industrial quality.
  • The instruments found on the unit allow for the measurement and the adjustment of various parameters.
  • The unit is delivered complete with instrumentation and with a technical and instruction manual.


  • Electricity : 230 Vac – single phase – 6 A
  • Length : 2155 mm
  • Width : 800 mm
  • Height : 1800 mm
  • Weight : 180Kg


  • Study of a SPLIT SYSTEM air conditioning system.
  • Functioning of a refrigeration system
  • Function of the different elements
  • Thermal results.



  • 2 pressure measurements on the High Pressure and Low Pressure refrigeration circuit
  • Refrigerating fluid (R410) flowrate
  • Temperature of the characteristic points of the refrigeration circuit and of the secondary fluid (air)
  • Voltmeter and ammeter on the electric circuit of the compressor which allows the computation of the power used.



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