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SO2 Free & Total in wine by Titration

SO2 Free & Total in wine by Titration

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The TitraLab automatic analyzer is specifically designed for free and total SO₂ in wine titration applications, providing the perfect solution to routine analysis measurements.

  • Fast titration results
  • Ultimate analytical performance accuracy
  • Push-button operation
  • Minimal training required
  • Compact setup
Fast titration results
Due to the ultimate optimization of applications and an embedded preset algorithm.
Ultimate analytical performance accuracy
The high-resolution, 40,000-step electronic burette delivers dependably accurate titration results.
Push-button operation
The OPT300 is connected to the PTM450 via a dedicated glass optical fibre for each wavelength so it is easy to switch wavelengths, as you require.
Minimal training required
The intuitive product interface and ready-to-use, pre-programmed methods, plus the brief, yet comprehensive operating manual minimize training time.
Compact setup
Titrator, electrode and all accessories are included. Add chemistries and setup is complete.


What's in the box
Titrator comes with 1x10ml PP syringe, 2 peristaltic pumps, magnetic stirrer, sensor holder, electrode 5080,
10x PP sample cups, stirring bars and mouse.


Automatic Reagent Addition(s) Yes
Burette motor resolution 40000
Burette: Volumes Available 1x 10 mL Plastic syringe
Languages Spanish, English, French, Italian
Lower Limit of Detection (LOD) 3 mg/L
Range 6 to 640 mg/L
Reagent H2SO4 25% (4.5M) KI powder NaOH (KOH) 4M
Titrant I2 0.01M
Unit mg/L


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