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Food Texture Analyzer

Food Texture Analyzer

Product Code:CT3

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CT3 Texture Analyzer…compression and tension testing for rapid QC analysis

An extensive history and customer input have contributed to the development of the most powerful, low cost, stand-alone Texture Analyzer ever produced.

With six test modes (plus calibration check) and a wide choice of accessories, no other Food Texture Analyzer has ever done so much without a computer and software.


Optional Accessories
The CT3 has a wide variety of probes, fixtures and jigs, which enable it to be very versatile. Brookfield can also custom design fixtures and probes for most applications.
  • TexturePro CT Software
    • TA-CT-PRO-AY
  • Temperature Probe
    • DVP-94Y
  • Bubble Level
    • TA-LVL
  • CalibrationWeight Set
  • Gelatin Bath System for Gel Conditioning
  • Bloom Jar-industry approved

Food Texture Analyzer  - rotary base table

Rotary Base Table

Food Texture Analyzer  - fixture base table

Fixture Base Table



Optional Accessories

The CT3 has a wide variety of probes, fixtures and jigs, which enable it to be very versatile. 

Brookfield can also custom design fixtures and probes for most applications.

  • TexturePro CT Software
  • Temperature Probe
  • DVP-94Y
  • Bubble Level
  • TA-LVL
  • Calibration Weight Set
  • Gelatin Bath System for Gel
  • Conditioning
  • Bloom Jar-industry approved 



Quality Control, Product Development and R&D

Dairy Butter Cheese Tofu Yogurt Bakery Bread Dough Pastry Snack Foods Chips Confections Granola Bars Meat Beef Poultry Seafood Surimi Fruits & Vegetables 


Creams Mascara Eye liner pencils Powder compacts Lipstick Soap bars 


Ointment Tablet hardness Adhesive dressing Gelatins Syringe testing 


Adhesives Rubber Caulking Wax Packaging Grease Properties Measured Adhesiveness Burst Strength Cohesiveness Fracture Force Hardness Ripeness Yield Point Apparent Modulus Chewiness Consistency Gel Strength Pliability Spreadability Breaking Point Coefficient of Friction Gumminess Relaxation Tackiness 


Fixture used with rotary base table TA-RT-KIT
Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-bec Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-att Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-jpa
Back Extrusion Cell for displacing applesauce, pudding, yogurt and similar products. Adhesive Tack Tester for measuring stickiness of pressure sensitive adhesive materials such as tape. Junior Punch Fixture is small scale holder for punching through flat samples with maximum 12.7mm diameter probe. Hole in fixture is 14mm.
Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-jtpb Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-avj Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-5
Small scale version of Three Point Bend fixture and is used with TA7 blade from general probe kit. Adjustable Vice Fixture for holding small samples for puncture test. Good for jelly beans, gummy bears, etc. GMIA & GME probe and spec Bloom bottle TA-GBB-2 sold in package of twelve bottles.


Fixtures used with fixture base table TA-BT-KIT
Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-ctp Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-aacc36 Food Texture Analyzer - ta-dsj
Compression Top Plate for applying uniform compression forces on samples up to 4x6 inches (10x15cm). AACC spec probe for bread firmness and texture profile analysis. Dough Stickiness Fixture is standard test for measuring dough stickiness which is an important parameter for processing raw dough.
Food Texture Analyzer  - ta-fmbra Food Texture Analyzer - ta-de Food Texture Analyzer - ta-stj
Standard dough pot set for preparing dough samples and measuring dough firmness. Dough Extensibility fixture for holding sheet of raw dough or flat bread. Biaxial test force is applied by spherical probe. Test measures force and distance as sample is stretched to breaking point. Syringe Test Fixture for measuring the force required to push or pull syringe plunger. Important to pre-filled syringe market or manufacturers of custom syringe products.
Food Texture Analyzer - ta-dec Food Texture Analyzer - ta-oc Food Texture Analyzer - ta-ksc
Dual Extrusion Cell for either forward or back extrusion of fruit puree, pudding, yogurt or similar products. Ottawa Cell for extruding assorted soft samples through one of two interchangeable bases. Good for cooked pasta or diced vegetables and fruit. Kramer Shear Cell for combination cutting-shear and extrusion tests. Small fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, grapes, figs, corn and beans.
Food Texture Analyzer - ta-cj Food Texture Analyzer - ta-dga Food Texture Analyzer - ta-vbj
Confectionary Fixture for holding candies and the like for penetration testing. Prevents sample from lifting during probe retraction. Pair of grips for tensile testing of thin films or integrity of seals for packaging. Volodkevich Bite Jaws for testing bite force of meat products using cutting-shear test.
Food Texture Analyzer - ta-sba Food Texture Analyzer - ta-mtp Food Texture Analyzer - ta-jmpa
Shear Blade for products where a cutting-shear test is meaningful: meat, fish, sausage, etc. Magness-Taylor Probes for testing hardness of fresh fruit and vegetables. Small scale Multiple Probe Assembly consisting of nine 3mm probes and corresponding base plate specifically designed to hold nine small samples of irregular geometry such as peas, corn, nuts or dried fruit.
Food Texture Analyzer - ta-wsp Food Texture Analyzer - ta-p-kit2
Wire Shear Plate allows cutting wire to pass completely through the sample. Good for products with significant stickiness which would cause cuttingshear blade to show significant drag. Good for cheese and butter. Standard Probe Kit A variety of cylindrical (8), cone (3), ball (2), needle (1), knife-edge (1), and wire cutting (1) probes. Complies with BS and AACC standards.


TexturePro CT Software (Optional )


While the CT3 can perform many tests in stand alone mode, use of the TexturePro CT Software permits creation of multiple tests and automatic execution without operator involvement.

Easily create custom reports and graphs right from the menu screen.

  • Sample identification set-up screen helps new operators quickly get started; test fields outline a variety of parameters
  • Intuitive set up or test methods and database file structures in a single window
  • Data is captured as a graph and stored in tabular database format
  • Advanced data analysis with built-in parameter calculations such as springiness, chewiness, hardness and much more! 

Analyseur de texture d'aliments - logiciel

Load Range/Resolution* 
CT3 - 100 0 - 100g / 0,01g
CT3 - 1000 0 - 1000g / 0,10g
CT3 - 1500 0 - 1500g / 0,20g
CT3 - 4500 0 - 4500g / 0,50g
CT3 - 10kg 1 - 10000g / 1g
  • Range 0.01-0.1mm/s*
  • 0.1-10mm/s**
  • Accuracy ±0.1% of set speed 
  • Range 0-101.6mm
  • Resolution 0.1mm***
  • Accuracy 0.1mm 

m=millimeter s=seconds *Increments of 0.01mm/s **Increments of 0.1mm/s ***Resolution 0.01mm when used with TexturePro CT Software 


Convertisseur d'unités