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Portable Ground Meat Analyzer

Portable Ground Meat Analyzer

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No Chemicals, Heaters or Waste Products. Results in Less than 45 Seconds.

For Non-Destructive NIR Analysis of Fat in:
  • •Ground Beef
  • •Ground Pork
  • •Ground Chicken
  • •Ground Turkey

Recent studies have shown that supermarkets using antiquated methods of fat testing may be losing THOUSANDS of Dollars each year. The AccuLean uses Near Infra-Red technology to provide fast and accurate analysis of fat content.

Analysis that will protect you from improperly labeled products. Analysis that will allow you to be more precise than ever before in your fat measurement.


Analyze Ground Meat
Quickly & Accurately
Simple to Use / Easy to Operate
The AccuLean lets you test your ground meat in less than 45 seconds. The AccuLean eliminates the need to destroy any of of your meat. Just a couple of ounces of ground meat is all you need to obtain an accurate, quantitative analysis of:

  • Fat
  • •Protein
  • •Moisture
  • The AccuLean’s patented clamshell sample holder allows quick and easy analysis and cleanup.
  • The AccuLean does not use any chemicals or heat, nor does it produce any hazardous waste.
  • The AccuLean requires no specialized training.
  • The AccuLean provides fast, lab accurate measurements with no damage to the product sample.


How It Works: Applied Science In Measurement
Diffuse Transmittance

Light energy that enters the sample is scattered and absorbed within the sample. The AccuLean measures the spectra exiting the sample, and directly displays the product’s constituent concentrations.


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ZEACCULEAN Portable Ground Meat Analyzer


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