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Canners vacuum gauge

Canners Vacuum Gauge

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U.S. Gauge V534 Canners Gauge is used for testing vacuum of packaged products such as canned food or drink. This gauge is easy to use for destructive sampling tests. Force the stainless steel needle through the top of the container while you read the gauge. The rubber gasket prevents air from entering the container during the test. 1” graduations in Hg are easy to read within the 2” diameter case. Stainless steel needle can be cleaned for multiple use, but is non-removable.

Size 2”
Case Brass, chrome-plated
Range Vacuum, 0 - 30” Hg
Accurancy 3-2-3%
Connections Stainless steel piercing needle
Bourdon tube materials Beryllium copper
Pointer Galvalume, black
Dial Galvalume, white background with black graduations
Window Twist-on polycarbonate
Movement Brass


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