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Camera | Digital CCD Camera from Q-Imaging Biotechnology

Camera | Digital CCD Camera from Q-Imaging

Product Code:Retiga EXL

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The Q-Imaging® Retiga-EXL utilizes a cooled interline CCD and the remarkable speed of Lightwire™ 800 (an optimized version of the IEEE-1394b protocol). This low-noise camera’s 1.4-million-pixel spatial resolution and 14-bit digitization are ideally suited for bio-imaging applications such as live-cell microscopy. The Retiga-EXL provides QImaging’s hallmark combination of high performance and ease of use, enabling researchers to acquire quantitative results from their samples in a matter of seconds.

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Includes: IEEE-1394b cable (9-pin to 9-pin), IEEE-1394b PCI card, power supply, Q-Capture Suite software, and access to SDK

Monochrome Retiga-EXL
Model: RET-EXL-L-M-14-C
  • Extended Warranty
    RGB Filter


  • High-Speed Readout
  • Extended Quantum Efficiency
  • IEEE-1394b FireWire Connection
  • Low-Noise Electronics
  • Peltier Cooling
  • Flexible Exposure & Gain Control
  • External Sync & Trigger
  • Binning
  • Extensive Application Software Support


  • Previewing & focusing in real-time 15fps full resolution @ 14 bits Ideal for automated imaging applications
  • Provides higher sensitivity than competitive interline cameras (especially in the near-infrared region)
  • 800 Mb/s bandwidth capacity; Enhanced low-noise performance; Simple connectivity; Ease of use & installation; Portability with laptop computer
  • Quantitation & imaging of low-light-level signals
  • Reduces thermal noise for low-light long exposures while providing temperature stability
  • Optimal integration over a wide range of light levels
  • Tight synchronization with fl ashlamps, automated filters, shutters, & microscope stages
  • Increases sensitivity for quantitation & imaging of ultra-low-light signals Increases frame rate
  • Choose from a large selection of life science & industrial software for microscopy, machine vision, & video-streaming functions


Applications Spectral Response
  • High-resolution, high-speed imaging
  • Live-cell fluorescence imaging
  • Cell-trafficking studies
  • Cell-motility studies


CCD Sensor
Light-Sensitive Pixels 1392 x 1040
Binning Modes 2, 4, 8
ROI (Region of Interest) From 1x1 pixels up to full resolution, continuously variable in single-pixel increments
10µs to 17.9min
Sensor Type Sony® ICX285 front-illuminated interline CCD
Pixel Size 6.45µm x 6.45µm
Linear Full Well (1x1 Binning) 16,000e- (30MHz); 18,000e- (20MHz); 18,000e- (10MHz)
Read Noise 6.5e- (10MHz)
Dark Current 0.15 e-/pix/s
Cooling @ 25°C Ambient 0°C (regulated)
Digital Output 8 bits/14 bits
Readout Frequency 30, 20, 10MHz
Frame Rate 15fps full resolution @ 14 bits (30MHz)
Black-Out Mode Turns off all LEDs on camera to reduce reflection during low-light applications;
software controlled
Computer Platforms/
Operating Systems*
Windows® XP and Vista (32 bits/64 bits)
Mac OS 10.4
Digital Interface IEEE-1394b FireWire (two ports with simultaneous camera control)
External Trigger TTL Input
Trigger Types Internal, Software, External
(Edge-Hi/Edge-Low/Pulse-Hi/Pulse-Low/ Strobe-Hi/Strobe-Low)
External Sync TTL Output
External RGB Filter Control Support for RGB filter
Analog Gain Control 0.8 to 34.7x
Optical Interface 2/3", C-mount optical format
Threadmount 1/4" – 20 mount
Power Requirements 36W; 12V
Weight 800g (1.75lbs)
Warranty 2 years
Operating Environment 0 to 27°C, 80% relative humidity non-condensing
Storage Temperature -10 to 60°C
Digitizer Speed 10 Mhz
Binning (Pixels) 1x1 2x2 4x4 8x8
Frame Rate (Full Field) 5.9fps 10.3fps 18.7fps 29.2fps
Full Well Capacity 18,000e- 27,000e-
Read Noise 6.5e-
Dynamic Range 2769:1 4154:1
Digitizer Speed 20 Mhz
Binning (Pixels) 1x1 2x2 4x4 8x8
Frame Rate (Full Field) 10.9fps 18.7fps 29.3fps 40.9fps
Full Well Capacity 18,000e- 27,000e-
Read Noise 8e-
Dynamic Range 2250:1 3375:1
Digitizer Speed 30 Mhz
Binning (Pixels) 1x1 2x2 4x4 8x8
Frame Rate (Full Field) 15.1fps 24.6fps 36.1fps 47.2fps
Full Well Capacity 16,000e- 27,000e-
Read Noise 16e-
Dynamic Range 889:1 1688:1


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