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Camera | High-Sensitivity Digital CCD Camera from Q-Imaging Biotechnology

Camera | High-Sensitivity Digital CCD Camera from Q-Imaging

Product Code:Retiga 2000R

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The QImaging® Retiga-2000R digital camera features enhanced visible-range quantum effi ciency resulting in high sensitivity that is ideal for brightfi eld, machine vision, metrology, and metallurgical imaging applications. A progressive-scan interline CCD sensor gives a resolution of 1.92 million pixels in a 12-bit digital output. High-speed, low-noise electronics provide linear digital data for rapid image capture. The IEEE 1394 FireWire® digital interface allows ease of use and installation with a single wire. No framegrabber or external power supply is required. The Retiga 2000R includes QCapture software (Windows® and Mac OS) for real-time image preview and capture. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available upon request for interfacing with custom software.

Camera Models Features Benefits
Includes: IEEE 1394 FireWire cable, IEEE 1394 PCI card, power supply, QCapture Suite software, QCapture Pro software,
and access to SDK
  • Monochrome Retiga 2000R:
    Model: RET-2000R-F-M-12-C
  • Color Retiga 2000R:
    Model: RET-2000R-F-CLR-12-C


1.92-Million-Pixel Sensor
  • Highly detailed, sharp images
Large Pixels
(7.4μm x 7.4μm)
  • High sensitivity, high dynamic range, large well capacity
High-Speed Readout
  • Previewing & focusing in real time
  • 190fps maximum frame rate
  • 10fps full resolution @ 12 bits
  • Ideal for automated imaging applications
Low-Noise Electronics
  • Quantitation & imaging of low light levels
12-Bit Digitization/
36-Bit Color Digitization
(with Optional
RGB Filter)
  • 4096 grey levels for precise light-intensity discrimination
  • 4096 levels per channel for superior color images
External Sync & Trigger
  • Tight synchronization with fl ashlamps, automated fi lters, shutters,& microscope stages
Peltier Cooling
  • Minimizes thermal noise during low-light, long-exposure imaging
  • Increases sensitivity for quantitation & imaging of very low light levels Increases frame rate
IEEE 1394 FireWire
  • Simple connectivity
  • Ease of use & installation
  • Portability with laptop computer
  • Simultaneous use of multiple cameras through a single port
  • Single-cable operation (no external power supply or control unit)
Caméra Options
Extensive Application
Software Support
  • Choose from a large selection of life science & industrial software
    for microscopy, machine vision, & video-streaming functions
  • RGB Color Filter
    for monochrome
    cameras (F-mount
    interface required),
    refer to data sheet
    for more details
  • Extended Warranty


  • Brightfi eld, Phase-Contrast, & Darkfi eld Microscopy
  • Live-Cell Imaging
  • Pathology, Histology, & Cytology
  • FISH
  • Ca++ Ratio Analysis
  • Motility & Motion Analysis
  • DNA Analysis
  • Metallurgical Microscopy
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis


CCD Sensor
Light-Sensitive Pixels 1.92 million; 1600 x 1200
Binning Modes 2x2, 4x4, 8x8
ROI (Region of Interest) From 1x1 pixels up to full resolution, continuously variable in singlepixel increments
10μs to 17.9min in 1μs increments
Sensor Type Kodak® KAI-2020 progressive-scan interline CCD (monochrome or
Pixel Size 7.4μm x 7.4μm
Linear Full Well 40,000e- (1x1); 80,000e- (2x2)
Read Noise 16e-
Dark Current 0.5e-/pix/s (non-cooled)
Cooling Peltier thermoelectric cooling to 25?C below ambient
Digital Output 12 bits
Readout Frequency 20, 10, 5MHz
Frame Rate 10fps full resolution @ 12 bits (190fps maximum with binning and
ROI functions)
Computer Platforms/
Operating Systems
Windows® & Mac OS*
Windows® & Mac OS*
Digital Interface
IEEE 1394 FireWire
Sustained Image
Data Rate
Shutter Control Electronic shutter, no moving parts
External Trigger TTL Input
Trigger Types Internal, Software, External
External Sync TTL Output
Gain Control 0.451 to 21.5x
Offset Control -2048 to 2047
Optical Interface 1”, C-mount optical format
Threadmount 1/4” — 20 mount
Power Requirements 17W
Weight 845g
Warranty 2 years
Operating Environment 0 to 50?C (32 to 122?F)
Storage Temperature -10 to 60?C
Humidity Less than 80% non-condensing at 35?C (95 ?F)
* Refer to QImaging website for detailed listing of supported operating systems.
Note: Specifications are nominal and subject to change.



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