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Cell Washer from Thermo Scientific Biotechnology

Cell Washer from Thermo Scientific

Product Code:Central W

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This advanced, easy-to-use instrument simplifies work and reduces time required to wash blood cells for antiglobulin reagent tests such as ABO compatibility, Rh testing, cross matching and the Coombs procedure.

Fully Automated for Reproducible Results
Standardized, consistent procedures eliminate the variations that result from manual protocols, ensuring reliable, reproducible results. Automatic alerts indicate if the saline level is low, and when a run.
Easy, Reliable Operation
The Thermo Scientific Centra W cell washer offers a time-saving wash cycle, easy-to-read digital displays, easy-to-use touchpad controls and standardized, reproducible procedures. Simply insert the sample tubes, select the test parameters, and benefit from reliable results in minutes.
Compact and Durable
The Centra® W fits neatly on any laboratory bench. Lowmaintenance design ensures years of trouble-free use:

  • pump tubing is easily changed
  • brushless motor
  • corrosion free plastic housing.
Centra W Procedure
  • Tube tests for determination of ABO type of red cells and serum ?
  • Direct antiglobulin tests ?
  • Indirect antiglobulin test for the detection of antibodies to red cell antigens ?
  • Saline indirect antiglobulin test ?
  • LISS indirect antiglobulin test ?
  • PEG indirect antiglobulin test ?


Simplifying Every Step in Blood Cell Washing
Automatic Mode
Simply load the rotor with tubes and select up to four wash cycles. The microprocessor-controlled Centra W automatically does the rest, accurately and reliably.
Manual Mode
The Centra W can also be used as an ordinary centrifuge, set to spin for any time up to 999 seconds. Using the agitate button, samples can be agitated for five seconds.
Maximize Antiglobulin Reagent Reactivity
An automatic decanting cycle, with its reproducible speed and angle, consistently removes more saline than even the most skillful hand decanting, leaving adry cell button. For washing, the rotor allows tubes to swing at a fixed positive angle to sediment cells rapidly at the bottom of the tube. For decanting, the rotor holds tubes at a slightly negative angle and the saline is decanted centrifugally.
Complete Automation for Increased Productivity
The fully automated four-wash cycle takes care of all the necessary steps for precise, thorough cell washing. After the cells are washed, simply add the antiglobulin reagent, centrifuge the samples, and read the results.
Eliminate Cross-Contamination
Nothing but fresh saline enters the tubes. The distributor is mounted directly on top of the rotor, ensuring that all saline dispensed enters the tubes. The unique decanting system removes all wash fluid centrifugally, and the deflector and catch basin prevents saline splash back, minimizing potential aerosol and corrosion problems. This also eliminates the possibility of salt build-up, as the rotor chamber remains dry at all times.
Use Standard Tubes
One distributor handles both 12 x 75 mm or 10 x 75 mm tubes. The integral rotor carries 12 tubes, but can operate with any balanced load of fewer tubes. The rotor also functions as an incubator rack, so if two or more rotors are used, several test lots can be processed at the same time.
Low Saline Detection
An alarm sounds during the filling step in the wash cycle if the saline supply is low or disrupted, and the system automatically shuts down.
Agitate Cycle
To ensure proper re-suspension of red cell buttons in each tube, the tubes are automatically agitated after each wash cycle. The agitate cycle can also be used manually to improve mixing of red cells with the antiglobulin reagent.
Easily Check System Steps
The cycle can easily be interrupted at any time, so you can check that all system steps are functioning properly including fill level, re-suspension, and packing consistency of cell buttons, as well as ensure that cells are retained and buttons are dry after the decant step.
Easy to Clean
After daily use, the catch basin can be easily removed and the rotor and rotating bowl lifted out, allowing easy access to clean the top half of the instrument.





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