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Centrifuges | Heraeus Centrifuges from Thermo Scientific Biotechnology

Centrifuges | Heraeus Centrifuges from Thermo Scientific

Product Code:Primo & Primo R

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Our compact high-performance Heraeus Primo and Primo R centrifuges offer the functionality of three centrifuges
The Heraeus Primo and its refrigerated counterpart, the Heraeus Primo R are microliter, high speed and general purpose centrifuges all at the same time.
Rotor Flexibility
Six fixed angle, swinging bucket and microliter rotors for all common tubes from 0.2 to 100 mL are available for applications using microliter, DIN, blood sample and Falcon® type conical tubes. A 12-place swinging bucket rotor for micro tubes is available for the Heraeus Primo R.
User-Friendly Technology
The automatic rotor recognition system identifies the rotor being used and allocates individual parameters to improve lab effeciency. Rapid acceleration and braking times minimize waiting and ensure rapid sample processing. Low noise levels during operation provide a more comfortable working environment.
Imbalance Recognition
The Heraeus Primo series is equipped with electronic imbalance recognition. Not only does it react if the centrifuge is loaded incorrectly, but it also registers imbalances during a run caused, for example, by tube breakage. Centrifugation is interrupted and the user can remove the rotor and, if necessary, decontaminate it.
User Comfort
The Thermo Scientific EASYcontrol® II user panel clearly displays all parameters. Self explanatory symbols, which are internationally recognized, and the clear arrangement of function keys help you avoid incorrect operation. The time and speed parameters are set with the easy-to-clean touch panel. Two acceleration and nine braking curves are available for sensitive samples.


Heraeus Primo and Primo R Rotors and Accessories


Typical Applications
  • Sedimentation of cells (algae, yeast, bacteria, etc.)
  • Sedimentation of cell organelles and cell fragments
  • Sample preparation for HPLC, (capillary) electrophoresis, etc.
  • Separation of DNA and protein precipitates
  • Blood and urine analysis
  • Centrifugation of standard test series in microliter tubes
Trust NALGENE and NUNC centrifuge bottles and tubes to deliver quality and performance. These products are in conformance with ISO 13485: 2003, cGMP and USP Class VI; you’ll find updated speed ratings and lot specific product certificates online. Available in a variety of resins, with capacities from 10mL to 2L, Nalgene and Nunc are guaranteed a perfect fit to FIBERLite® rotors and Thermo Scientific centrifuges.


Thermo Scientific Heraeus Primo and Primo R


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