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Evaporators | Analytical Evaporators

Evaporators | Analytical Evaporators

Product Code:Zanntech

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Zanntek is a product line of analytical nitrogen evaporators manufactured by Glas-Col, LLC. They are low cost, small footprint instruments used for solvent and water evaporation. These units concentrate chemical and biochemical solutions for further analysis, or evaporate to dryness for further reactions. Different Zipvap™ evaporators can be used with small 12 mm auto sampler vials or 62 mm dia. flasks, and 96 or 384 well plates.

Sample sizes vary from micro liters to more than 100 ml. Two, Six, Eight, Twelve, Twenty, Twenty-Four, and Forty-Eight samples can be processed depending on the vial size and the manifold chosen. Temperature to 100o C.





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