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Glove box | Temperature & humidity controlled glove box Biotechnology

Glove box | Temperature & humidity controlled glove box

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The 890-THC accurately maintains temperature and humidity (Rh) inside a roomy, single station glove box. Unit includes: vacuum capable transfer chamber, one piece Hypalon gloves, large color touch screen operator display, inert gas hook-up, internal 110V power, serial connection for datalogging, and optional drying train package.

Basic features
  • 8" Color Panel Touch Screen
  • Humidity (Rh) transmitter with 8' sensor cable
  • Platinum RTD with sealing gland
  • Inert gas hook-up
  • Main chamber formed of one piece clear acrylic material
  • Two inlet/outlet gas valves on main chamber and transfer chamber.
  • Serial port connection for datalogging
  • Four Preset Conditions
  • Thermoelectric Assembly (Peltier device)
  • Password protected, configurable PID control
  • One touch, on-screen datalogging
  • Nebulizer
  • Two Drying Train Canisters (filled with Molecular Sieve) and circulation pump (optional).


Touch screen display features
  • Easy to use, single touch display screen.
  • Password Protection
  • Four Preset Conditions
  • On Screen Temperature and Humidity readings; Set points and actual chamber readings
  • Full Color screen
  • Date and time display
  • Contrast adjustability
  • Room temperature and humidity readings


Optional drying train package
The Drying Train Package includes two (2) canisters filled with Molecular Sieve and circulation pump. The Drying Train Package can be used if a house supply of inert gas is not available. Periodic regeneration of the molecular sieve is recommended for optimal drying performance.


Optional anaerobic conditions
The 890-THC can be equipped as an Anaerobic Chamber. Simply ad the Plas-Labs' digital catlyst heater unit, (800-HEATER and 800-PC).


Outside Dimensions 55" wide x 35" deep x 38" high
Inside Dimensions 41" wide x 28" deep x 26" high
Power Requirements 115V 10 Amps/60Hz.
230 V 6 Amps/50Hz. (export)
On Screen Datalogging 24 hour event
Alarms Four (4) selectable
Serial Connection DB15
Optional Pump 20 LPM
Temperature Range 16-44° C
Temperature Sensor ± 0.3° C
Control Accuracy ± 1°
Resolution 0.1° C
Humidity Range 1-80% Rh
High/Low alarms Humidity Sensor ± 2% Rh
Control Accuracy ± 1% Rh
Resolution 0.1% Rh



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