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Microscope from Motic

Microscope from Motic

Product Code:BA400

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Modular microscopy platform offering numerous types of applications within one microscope platform, the BA400 represents the demands for an affordable, expandable, and comfortable microscopy workstation.

The standard BA400 is equipped with the ergonomic friendly observation angle of 30° with the Siedentopf interpupillary adjustment system [55-75mm] to accommodate the differences in users. Though standard at 30°, the user has a choice of what kind of head, binocular, trinocular [20/80], and trinocular [0/100], for the BA400, thus modularity from the beginning. Adding function and comfort, the adjustable, high eyepoint eyepieces of the BA400 allow the user to adjust for astigmatism [±5°] while aligning a reticule without having to paste their eyes on the eyepieces.

Based upon the Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System [CCIS®], the BA400 incorporates the CCIS® Plan Achromat objectives in the overall combination to produce those image requirements of clear, crisp, true colour, distortion free, and high contrast with a field flatness of F.N. 22. Complementing the CCIS® system, the standard equipped swing-out N.A. 0.9/0.13 Achromat Abbe condenser is able to render homogeneous illumination for magnifications ranging from 2X to 100X for both observation and photomicrography roles.

Supporting the BA400’s functions is the stand’s inverted “Y” design for lateral stability and ruggedness combined with user-friendly located sample manipulation controls for rapid and fatigue-free movements. Positioned low for comfort, the focus mechanisms of the BA400 produce highly precise movements of 1mm minimum increment within a 27mm stroke range. Located in close proximity to the focus controls, the mechanical stage adjustment controls can be found in either left or right-handed format to suit the user as they move the sample throughout the 76 X 50mm movement. Furthermore, the stage can be rotated for photomicrography applications.

Illuminating the entire system is the externally mounted 30W/6V true Koehler illumination system that provides bright and uniform illumination for all applications. Optionally available is the three-cassette reflective Epi-fluorescence system to expand the BA400 into another realm.


  • CCIS optics
  • Field flatness up to F.N.22
  • Swing-out N.A. 0.90/0.13 Achromat Abbe condenser
  • Epi-fluorescence attachment
  • Multi-Head observation
  • Plan Fluar objectives available


Fluorescence Microscopy – The ruggedness and stability of the BA-400’s stand permits the attachment of a reflective Epi-fluorescence attachment arm. The system is built around a three-block [excluding dummy cassette] slider axis with the ability to handle fluorescence microscopy FITC to GFP markers.




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