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Optional accessories for ultrasonic processors

Optional accessories for ultrasonic processors

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Stepped microtips and probes
Microtips and probes intensify and radiate the ultrasonic energy into the sample. Smaller diameter tips produce greater intensity of cavitation, but the energy released is restricted to a narrower, more concentrated field.  Conversely, larger diameter tips produce lower intensity, but the energy is released over a greater area. The larger the tip diameter, the larger the volume that can be processed, but at reduced intensity.


2mm (5/64") Probe
Order No. 630-0423

3mm (1/8") Probe
Order No. 630-0422

6mm (1/4") Probe
Order No. 630-0435 

13mm (1/2") Probe
Order No. 630-0561 

13mm (1/2") Probe with replaceable tip*
Order No. 630-0560 

NOTE: All probes and replaceable tips are fabricated from high grade titanium alloy TI-6AL-4V and are autoclavable.

Ultrasonic probes are tuned to resonance, causing their lengths to vary because of variations in the modulus of elasticity. 


Stepped microtips and probes
Tip Diameter 5/64 in. (2 mm) 1/8 in. (3 mm) 1/4 in. (6 mm) 1/2 in. (13 mm)
Intensity Ultra High Very High High Medium
Volume (batch) 150 µl - 5 ml 250 µl - 10 ml 10-50 ml 50-150 ml
Amplitude* 207 microns
0.0081 in.
8.1 mils
182 microns
0.0071 in.
7.1 mils
123 microns
0.0048 in.
4.8 mils
75 microns
0.0030 in.
3.0 mils
* With the amplitude control set at 100%. Amlitude at the converter tip: 23 micro-meter (0.0009 in.)


Replaceable tip
13 mm (1/2") tip**
Order No. 630-0406


Continuous flow cell
The continuous flow cell screws into the converter in place of the probe. Recommended only for the treatment of low viscosity samples which do not require extended exposure to ultrasonics. Designed primarily for dispersing and homogenizing at rates up to 15 liters/hour.

Vessel composition: Glass

The probe and processing chamber are fabricated from titanium alloy TI-6AL-4V and are autoclavable.

For low pressure applications only.
Order No. 630-0566
* Do not use with low surface tension liquids. Use solid probe Order No. 630-0561 instead.
** Supplied individually or in sets of five. 


Rosett cooling cell
The Rosett cooling cell enables uniform treatment at low temperatures. The cell is placed in a cooling bath. The liquid forced by the ultrasonic energy circulates repeatedly under the probe and throughout the cooling arms.

30 ml Rosett cooling cell.
Order No. 830-00003


Glass cooling cell
  • 10 ml cooling cell with water jacket.
    • Order No. 830-00009
  • 100 ml cooling cell with water jacket.
    • Order No. 830-00010


Micro cup horn
The micro cup horn can process a sample in isolation without probe intrusion, precluding any possibilities of cross-contamination or airborn pollution. Especially useful when working with radioactive, toxic, pathogenic, and biohazardous materials. Typical applications include: gentle disruption of cells, lysing of blood cells and platelets, shearing radioactively labeled proteins and DNA, liposome preparation, and releasing cellular material from viruses.

The water-filled micro cup horn screws into the inverted converter in place of a probe. The vibrations produced within the cup induce cavitation inside a test tube(s) immersed in the water. Water can be circulated through the unit to prevent heat build-up during extended operation. Glass cup facilitates disassembly for cleaning purposes, and in contrast to polycarbonate cup horns with removable plastic fittings, is 100% leakproof.

Note: The intensity of cavitation within the test tube is lower than with direct probe contact.

Inside diameter: 25 mm (1" ).
Probe: Titanium alloy: TI-6AL-4V.
Order No. 630-0447


Heavy duty converter clamp
Fits 1/2" (13 mm) rod and 1 1/4" (32 mm) converter.
Order No. 830-00108


Support stand
Heavy black enameled cast-iron base and zinc-plated rod.

Base size: 51/2" x 9" (140 x 229 mm).
Rod size: 1/2" (13 mm) diameter - 16" (406 mm) long. Order No. 830-00107
Rod size: 1/2" (13 mm) diameter - 24" (609 mm) long. Order No. 830-00109


Sound abating enclosure
Even though ultrasonic vibrations are above the human audible range, ultrasonic processing produces high pitched noise in the form of harmonics, which emanate from the vessel walls and the fluid surface. The sound abating enclosure permits extended processing without discomfort, by reducing that noise 28 db. The probe assembly, mounted on a support stand, is placed inside the enclosure, and the converter cable is fed through an opening in the top. Two side access ports, for tubing, allow the coolant or the sample to flow through the processing vessel while the door is closed. The unit is faced on the exterior with white laminate, and lined on the interior with white waterproof noise abating material.

The access door permits observation during treatment, and protects the operator against accidental splashing.

Outside dimensions:12" W x 12" D x 20" H (300 x 300 x 510 mm). Order No. 630-0451

Same as above but inside lined with white laminate. Order No. 630-0555
Support stand and clamp not included.


For hand-free remote operation
10´ (3 mm) cable
Order No. 830-00004


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