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Polarimeter | Automatic

Polarimeter | Automatic

Product Code:AP-300

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  • Easy To Use: Simply place an observation tube in the sample chamber of the AP-300 and press START key
  • The minimum angle of rotation is 0.01°, the minimum International Sugar Scale is 0.01°Z
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation Function for International Sugar Scale with a range between 18℃ and 30℃
  • Conforms with ICUMSA standards
  • Built in memory stores the 30 most recent measurement readings
  • Out-of-range measurements are indicated instantly by graphic display
  • The AP-300 offers ease of use with a very competitive price
  • Compact and space saving
  •  (NEW) Average Measurement Value is Displayed!
  •  (NEW) Password Function as necessary for ISO Standard!


  • Measures the specific optical rotation of medical agents
  • Measures the concentration of optically active substances found in fragrance materials or chemical compositions
  • Measures the international sugar scale and the purity of sugar
  • Identifies the attributes of inverted sugar, etc.
  • Measures the specific optical rotation or the concentration of optically active substances


Example of angle of rotation display

Explanation of measurements display
  • Angle of rotation
    The angle of rotation is the basic numeric value measured by polarimeters, and changes depending on the concentration of the solution, the length of the observation tube, temperature, and/or the measurement wavelength. It is symbolized by “ ” and indicated in“ °.”
  • International Sugar Scale
    The International Sugar Scale is indicated in“ °Z.”
    The measurement value of 26g of sucrose in 100ml of sucrose solution in a 200mm observation tube is 100°Z. This measurement value is commonly used in the sugar manufacturing industry, and is usually temperaturecompensated to the reference temperature of 20℃ (68°F). The AP-300 can display the measurement value with or without temperature compensation (Automatic Temperature Compensation,“ATC”).
  • Specific Rotation
    The Specific Rotation is a numeric value unique to each substance. By definition, the specific rotation value is equivalent to the angle of rotation obtained by a measuring a solution of 100% concentration in a 100mm observation tube (although such a measurement is actually not practical). Specific rotation is symbolized by “ ” and indicated in“ °.”
  • Concentration
    The Concentration is the density of a liquid solution made by dissolving an optically active substance in water or alcohol. It is indicated in“g/100ml.”
  • Purity
    The Purity is the proportion of sucrose compared to the soluble solid content in a sample. It is indicated in“ %.” To measure the purity, input the Brix value of the sample (which can be obtained by using an ATAGO refractometer) into the AP-300 before taking a measurement.


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