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Refractometer | ABBE Refractometer

Refractometer | ABBE Refractometer

Product Code:AR 2

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This economical instrument is supplied with a solid glass measuring block, a container of 1-bromonaphtalene (for calibration) and a screwdriver.

Refractive Index 1.300-1.700 nD
0-95% concentraton (sugra-scale)
Scale Division 0.001 nD
0.5% concentration
Precision 0.0003 nD
0.2% concentration
Thermometer Mercury in glass 10-50°C
Illuminator LED-illumination (can be ordered extra)


Cat. No. Description
KRAR2-0000 AR 2 Abbe refractometer
KRAR2L-000 Same as AR 2 with LED illumination


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